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10243-1: Parisian Restaurant

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 10
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 7.00
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 9.00
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  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 9.00
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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 10
Review from: Piece_Out_Studios
Reviewed on: Feb 13, 2014
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This set is absolutely fantastic! I have been hoping to purchase a modular building for some time, but was hung on which one to get. I even considered purchasing the Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout set. But when I found out this one would be released, I knew I would get it! I still did price per piece counts, looked at reviews, and even weighed pros and cons heavily for each of the sets. But I still knew I would end up getting this one. There was absolutely NO buyers remorse whatsoever from me! The detail is fantastic! The colors are impressive! The decor and attention to detail is heavy! I absolutely love this set!


While the set, like most modular buildings, doesn't have much for spectacular minifigures, they are appropriate for this set and their detail is just right. The facesm while plain, retain a certain charm as their outfits usually dictate their expressions. The male romantic is well dressed and snazzy looking in his blue sports jacket. His hair is the same piece used on Luke Skywalker in 2011's 7965 Millenium Falcon. The female romatic is a bit oddly dressed for a dinner date, but it's still a good figure. Her hair is nothing new. We've seen it on Pepper Potts just in 2013, but you can still never have too many redheads. The artist (whom I also presume is the owner, but can be whoever you want really) is given a fancy little blouse with dragons that have a Chinese look. This is the tunic worn by Sensei Wu of the Ninjago theme. The waiter is plain, and his appearal is not fancy, but his carrying tray is a nice touch to anyone's collection. I will certaintly swap it out and give it to my Alfred figure. The chef is the least sought after or popular figure, in my opinion. We've seen his clothes a dozen times before, his torso 21, his hat 24 times. He is a necessity though. plus you never know how many chefs Wayne Enterprises or Stark Industries will need for their next charity or party!


The buid was great! I wouldn't necessarily say you have to be an expert to build this. However, you need to have some major experience in LEGO building before you should tackle this set. There's not too much repetitive building, and what you do have to repeat you finish before you are bored out of your mind. there's quite a bit more SNOT involved than one might think, especially in the windows on the second floor. The detailing is also superb, especially when you look at the bottom floor. There's a surprise in there that I think fans will appreciate because of the thought that goes into it. As far as playability goes, there's no huge functions that stand out. These models are designed with authenticity in mind rather than play. But, you can play out pretty much any dinner related activity if you put some imagination into it. I give it a 9 in this category only because as is, there's not too much playability, but there's great building material!


This set is a fantastic bargain when looking at the price per piece aspect, at almost 6 cents a piece (as opposed to the constant 10 cents or more we see in smaller sets). The overall price is maybe a bit high. I would have much rather bought it at $150. However, it's still great and I have no doubt I bought the right set.


I think LEGO has noticed that these buildings are a pretty big hit. They ultimately put way more detail into this set than I've seen from pictures and other reviews of previous Modular Buildings. I love it, and I'm sure that there are many more who love it too!


This is obviously exclusive. Finding it for the regular retail price or less will not be easy, as these are sold only on LEGO.com and Amazon I'm fairly certain. To get a deal you'll have to find a sucker who doesn't know what he lost.

PACKAGING | Score: 9

Since the Palace Cinema, these sets are now technically part of the Creator theme, and coincidently that's when the designs got better too. Could be a new team that took over the project? Either way, the packaging makes it look as great as it really is. The colors work great with the package. However, apart from size, nothing too distinct about it.


This set is going to be on sale for (if following the pattern of the Fire Brigade's retirement) 3-4 years. It will probably take about 2 years after it's retirement to recieve huge profits from it, but I think you WILL recieve big bucks in return from this. I expect almost double it's current retail price 2 years after it's retirement. However, I am in no way an expert, and I could just as easily be wrong. I have never tried taking huge investment risks like this before, and maybe never will. Nevertheless, I am confident that by year 2 of retirement, this will be easy money.


It looks marvelous on display (as do all of this Modular Buildings line), so if you like setting up beautiful scenes and MOCs that depict City scapes, you should get this and make room if you have to!


I am giving it a 10 because even though there are just a couple of nit-picks, it is well worth evey penny for any type of purpose. Whether it be collection additions, or playing CITY, or making money, this set looks great!