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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 7.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 8.00
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 6.00
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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 9.00
Review from: Lego.seraphina
Reviewed on: Oct 28, 2013
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On first glance, the set's box for 10024 isn't all that impressive. It has this old school vintage feel to it. The first time I heard of the Red baron 10024 set was when I was looking to buy the Sopwith Camel 10226. The shop assistant was explaining to me that 10226 was a remake of the old 3451. Then he went on telling me about this legendary Red baron set that he never seen before but heard that it was a very nice display piece to have.

So I went home, searched for 10024 on ebay and found a few sellers selling it at quite a ridiculous price ranging from USD$600-$800 aproximately. That didn't stop me, i felt after looking at the set, I had to have it. It looked great in pictures and I was pretty sure it would have been a fun set to built.

One day came and I found an ebay seller selling a used 10024 and decided I had to win that auction. I cliniched the deal at USD$152.10. The set only came with the plane and instructions. 

When it arrived, I started building the whole plane and the colour of the red bricks and parts are just so eye catching. The colour of the red is very bright and definitely a head turner, pretty much what I would imagine the real Red Baron's plane to be like during the WWI.  


Up to date, I have 2 sets. 1 opened and displayed from the first ebay auction and the 2nd is an unopened set still in box.


Gave it a 7/10 because the set's box was average. I felt that could have done so much better with the colours on the box to make the plane look "fierce" or "fearsome" as the Red Baron's reputation was in the WWI.


With 664 pieces to this set and the fact that the red coloured bricks was the unique feature of the plane, that was the main reason I had to buy it. 

Also, the plane has the 3 levels of wings. That was a unique part of most WWI planes. The 10024 was a good representation of what a WWI plane would look like. 

The plane also came with the Black and White German Cross stickers. This was a nice touch to it as it made the plane look a little more like a  typical WWI German plane.

No minifigures as the same with Sopwith Camel.


Besides all that there isn't really much else that is unique to this plane. 

I gave it a 8/10 because the red bricks and parts with the 3 wings plus the stickers made this set really 1 of a kind. You don't get to see anything that's close to German's WWI military thungs as I presume Lego does not want anyone to be offended.


Building experience I would have to take a step back and say it was not all that fun. Not because it was a lousy set made, but because the last owner that took it apart just threw all the parts into 1 ziplog bag and I had a pretty hard time finding the necessary pieces to build it back. Also, as I have mentioned about the stickers earlier, that was a unique feature to the plane, is also the downfall of the looks and playability of it. 

The stickers were all worned down and dried up and burnt but sun light over the years the last owner had displayed it for. This means that the plane cannot be played around even because the stickers would start to disintegrate around and be flaking everywhere. It is sad because it is one of the main feature of this plane and with the stickers looking the way they did after a few years, it is disappointing. Lego should have came up with the bricks and printed the colours of the German pattern on it instead of opting for cheap stickers.


I give the playability and building of this set a 6/10 because the stickers is a big part to this plane's outlook but sadly Lego didnt even consider using a better solution than stickers as over time they start to fall apart and it makes the plane untouchable and so fragile.


I must say that this plane has held its value for a long time. It doesn't even drop in price but goes higher each time I check on ebay. I guess this has to do with the fact that mnot many people own this set as well as there is a niche market of new Lego Plane collectors that bought the Sopwith Camel is interested in having the previous sets that are related. 

Retail price for this plane was at USD$49.99 in 2002 and currently it is being sold on ebay at easily USD$699 for a new and sealed set. This means that over 11 year being in the market, the price is been increased by more than 10 times its retail price. 

So far I have not seen the price drop below a $500 mark for a New and mint sealed set. 

I really do think this set is a 9/10 value for your money as not only there a very little numbers of it out there still in a new and sealed box but also the original red bricks and stickers are the selling feature that makes it quite difficult to duplicate. With the CAGR being aproximately around 19%, I believe one day this plane would sell for easily USD$1000 in the future.

Also, I do think that all Lego planes holds their price pretty well and a lot of investors and collectors that are into Lego planes would pay a lot to complete their plane collection. Therefore, if you do not own one and you do collect Lego Planes, this classic piece is a must have.


I do see that Lego do not make much planes that are in the "10" series, that alone fighter planes. The Red Baron is highy publicised in books and movies even. I first got to know about the Red Baron through the movie made in 2008 "The Red Baron". Although, I would like to say that I do not think that I or anyone would like to worship any Nazi fighter pilot but the Red Baron is supposedly a man of honor.

 World War I fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen, known as the "Red Baron" did not kill his enemies in the air just because he felt he should do so. His point of view when shooting down enemies planes was because he wanted them out of the aerial space. Supposedly, he didn'y kill his enemies but he would severly damage the other's planes by shooting it just enough so that the plane can no longer fly or fight but be able to land safely still.

As time goes by, WWI and WWII has become a past that we will not forget over time. The Red Baron was a very popular and idiolised figure during his time alive as a fighter pilot and even up to today, he has not been forgotten. I believe that this set would definitely have a position growth in the secondary market as there are many WWI fans out there that lives to collect memorbilia and anything related to WWI. 

I have also mentioned that Lego doesn't seem to make anything related to war/ military, this set is a definite winner.


I feel that this set is excusive because of the fact that it is a WWI fighter plane and Lego do not make any military/ war products. No limited production but I do think  that very little people bought it when it came out and after it EOL, the price just went higher and higher.


Gave it a 9/10 because lego doesn't make WWI sets often. This is one of the rare few.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

As I said in the first paragraph. Packaging was average and could have been better. 

I felt that the box does no justice to the awesome-ness of the plane.


There is no doubt this plane's growth potential will only go higher and higher. Not because it is another Lego plane but it is a plane that was remodeled after a WWI fighter plane. As I have mentioned earlier, there would always be people collecting WWI or WWII memorbilia and things and this will not die of over time like a fad of the past. This set ihas appreciated over time and is still appreciating in the secondary market, up to date, I have not seen the price plummet yet and I doubt that Lego would remake this plane again because of its delicate nature (being a WWI German Plane).

A definite must have for all plane lego colectores and WWI collectors.


Most definitely a awesome display piece because firstly its a plane and secondly because of its unique red colour. 

Everyone that has seen tmy display shelf would first see this 10024 before taking a look at the other lego sets around it.



My conclusion to this 10024 set is that it is worth buying one if you do not have it yet and you do collect Lego Planes like 10226. Thsi set's CAGR is growing steadily and I doubt it would ever decrease. It is also a perfect display piece and I feel that for its unique coloyred red bricks, it is a definite winner.


Quickly buy 1 before the price continues to hike more!