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10144-1: Sandcrawler

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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 10
Review from: bobabricks
Reviewed on: Sep 28, 2013
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My first impression of the Lego Star Wars Sandcrawler was pretty good. The part count gives off the size of the jawa mobile base. When I first saw the set I thought it was perfect, it has 11 minigures, 8 if you done count the brick built droids, the set also has good amount of pieces for its original price. When I first looked at the actual model the one thing I noticed is that Lego didn`t use stickers for all the detailing in the model, it`s mostly brick built details. I like this because one of the things I hate the most is when im building a set and I`m constantly having to apply stickers. There are actually only 5 total stickers which is needed for small detailing like controls and the windshield. I would say this set is pretty well known and may even be an ``iconic Lego set`` because it  is the only variation and is the only way to get the well known Jawa minigures and the not as well known Owen Lars minifugure.


There are not a lot of unique building parts in the Sandcrawler but there is a few exclusive stickers and minifuger prints. The exclusive prints include 3 Jawa torsos, 3 Jawa heads, Owen`s torso and Owen`s head. There are 5 stickers in the set that include 2 control panels in the jawa workshop and 3 stickers that make up the windshield at the front. this set would not be purchased by someone because of the exclusive parts though, you buy this set for the actual model because how good it is. If any parts would be a collectable it would be the minifigures because of the exclusivity.


I think the playibilty in the Sandcrawler is probably one of the best parts of the set. The set has a lot of details and features that were not actaully needed but were just an extra great thing to get. one of those features is that you can open up the front, take out a crane that fits inside, replace it with a lid piece, take out another lid piece and the crane can lift droids from inside the Sandcrawler and bring them up to the roof or bring them down from the roof to the bottom. The crane also turns 360 so you can bring droids from out side the Sandcrawler to the roof and vice-versa. Also, not only is there moving treads (almost 300 individual tread pieces) but the back treads pivit with a gear piece on the back so the sandcrawler can turn with out having to place it yourself. To add on to that the cockpit opens up and a Jawa can fit in. The cockpit includes some control levers and trans-yellow bricks that represent the windshield from the inside. Last but not least the work shop in the middle of the Sandcrawler is removable for more playability. The work shop is where most of the minifigure action is and it includes a metal burner, tools froma tool wheel and other small control parts.


The Sandcrawler has great value for its money, it has 1669 pieces and the original price was $149.99. This makes a great price per piece and with 11 minifigures the set is perfect for value. Today (end of 2013) the set runs from $300-$400 sealed and about $200-$300 used making the set a good investment. The set is also still worh it, I think, for a display piece if you find a used one in good condition.


Star Wars is probably one of the most well known themes aside from City (though City never really has a good investment rate) and the Sandcrawler is still a well known set even though its almost 10 years old (as of 2013). I even know people who don`t really colect Lego but yet they know what the Lego Sandcrawler set is. As I have said in the first impression this set is pretty iconic as a Lego set and a part of the movie.


I got this set a couple years ago in 2010 as sealed set on eBay for $250 and I actually only found out the price from the Lego stor price tag on the box so I do not know exactly if this set was exclusive to Lego.com and the Lego store. From my guess this set was exclusive because of its amount of pieces and I have heard that it is a UCS which never are released in other stores like Toys R Us, Walmart, Target etc.

PACKAGING | Score: 8

The packaging for the Sandcrawler is pretty nice, I like how the box dosn`t have box art from that year (the Darth Vader with fire in the background, an ep. 3 theme art). This makes the set feel like more of a collector set. The bags in the set are not numbered but the treads were put in a seperate bag which was nice because they are hardn to find in a pile of Lego. The one really nice thing about this set si that there is only one book and there is no adds or anything in the back. I like the one book because then you are not needing one book out of 3, there is just one book and its not in sperate places.


The Sandcrawler has already gained a lot of profit and I think the set will only grow over the years as it becomes older. If youre set is used, as long as it includes all the parts, minifigures and instructions you will get good money, the box is a great plus if it is in good condition.


The Sandcrawler is an amazing display piece! I have it beside my millenium falcon, AT-AT, Tie fighter, X-wing and R2-D2 bust and I think it looks the best. if you get the right angle it looks spectacular. It has a little bit of competition with R2-D2 but it is still all time favourite Lego set.


There is not really much more to say this set is just a really, really good set!