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9525-1: Pre Vizsla's Mandalorian Fighter

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 7.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 7.00
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 10
  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 8.00
  • Theme Popularity Will theme help with resale? 7.00
  • Exclusivity Unique production aspects? 5.00
  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 7.00
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 6.00
  • Display Attributes Does this set stand out? 8.00
  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 7.00
Review from: DoNotInsertIntoMouth
Reviewed on: Sep 8, 2013
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My first impression when I saw this set was that it looks like an above average looking Star Wars set that wasn't severally overpriced and had pretty good minifigures. I really like a lot of the old Star Wars ships, but there aren't enough of them with a bunch of different moving parts and wings that can be posed in all different positions. I love displaying my sets, but I change them up once a month or so, so it is really nice to be able to put a ship in a bunch of different positions.

I also really liked how large the ship looked for the number of pieces. I am a fan of the larger star wars ships with smaller amounts of pieces - meaning I like sets that have a lot of large pieces rather than an insane amount of small pieces.

As far as a "wow" factor, there is really nothing that made me immediately want this set which is why I only rated it a 7. I knew I wanted it eventually, and probably more than the average Star Wars set, but not a ridiculous amount.


This set really doesn't have a lot of special pieces at all. It's very mundane as far as bricks go although the end result looks very good. There are no really must have pieces and I don't think there is really many nice pieces in the set that would make a non Star Wars Set fan want to pick one up just for the pieces.

So why did I give it a 7?

What it does have is Pre Vizsla himself who is a pretty nice minifigure. He most likely will not be in any other sets so he is pretty exclusive. Even more incredible is that he is selling for over $20 on Ebay right now which is pretty insane considering this set can easily be had for $40  Walmart has had it at this price for quite a long time. He also has a black lightsaber which is not really a very common thing either adding to his rareness. This figure most not likely not being in another set ever really bodes well for this set and because it is not really a big time Star Wars ship (its from the clone wars series) it will fly under the radar meaning there aren't millions and millions of this figure out there.


I give this a ten for build and playability, but remember that this is very subjective. My perfect build is a set that I can do within an hour. My favorite thing is to sit in front of the TV< build a nice Star Wars ship in one pretty manageable sitting and drink a beer. This set is perfect for that. Every once in a while I like a challenging build, but most of the time building lego sets is a stress releif for me so if it is really hard, I am going to feel like it is a lot of work.

The cabin of the ship is the hardest part and honestly it is built a lot like most of the other cabins of the Star Wars ships, especially like the tie ships and the x-wings Lego has made. I do dislike the amount of stickers in the set though as I would much rather have printed bricks. I hate having to stop building to try to stick on a sticker. Since this build and the pieces are so simple I don't understand why they coudln't have printed this stuff - especially because the stickers have barely anything on them anyway.

As far as playability, I am not a kid but I would suspect this set has quite a bit of it for someone younger. The cabin spins around by itself. The wings also spin around as well so you can have the ship in tons of different positions. It has a stand for docking. It also has two blasters in the front and back. The back ones actually spin around as well. It also has a piece of cargo that can drop from an area in the back of the ship. With all this and the pretty good minifigures, I think most could easily consume their time playing with it without a problem.


At retail, this set is not the best one out there but it is pretty good. Price per piece for this set sits at $.12 which is not amazing, but there are a lot of factors that really help this. One is Pre Vizsla obviously. If oyu can get a pretty nice minifigure in a $50 set, especially one that sells for $20 by itself, that is always a really good deal. 

Outside of that, the set itself contains quite a few big pieces. If they broke up the set into all 1x4 and 2x2 bricks, it might have 6-700. Obviously that wouldn't be good for the set but it does help you justify the value of the set.

In reality, this set has been readily available at $40 and since most of us hate paying retail for anything, $40 was really my perfect target for this set. That makes it a nice round $.10 per piece and is one of the best $40 display sets you can find with the more unique colors and the minifigures and the poseable ship.


Star Wars will always be an extremely popular series, but there are a billion sets. What could hurt this one is the Clone Wars factor, being that it wasn't in any of the movies. It hasn't seemed to hurt the sets value so far though which is why I gave it a 7. I think at a certain point a lot of people see a cool set like this and mis-remember seeing it in the Star Wars movies. I know when every new set comes out, I try to remember what was in the movies and what wasn't and it isn't always easy. So this set will benefit from that a bit as people who see it will most likely want it.


Its available everywhere and is not really exclusive. It gets a 5 because it has relatively held its value dispite this and has not really seen a ton of discounts. Also did I mention that Pre Vizsla the minifigure was going for over $20 on Ebay?

PACKAGING | Score: 7

I have been on record saying I am not really a fan of the new packaging a lot of the Star Wars sets have seen. Maybe they are trying more to cater to the kids with all the different things going on within the front cover of the box, but generally I am not a fan. I liked when they just threw an awesome looking ship on the front with black or a shadow behind it. Now there are minifigures and exclusive stickers and Lego symbols all over the front of the boxes.

This box is a little better though. The blue around the box really goes well with the ship itself because of the blue pieces on the wings. The colorscheme of the box compliments the ship and minifigures well and though I don't think it jumps out, it doesn't make it look like a childs toy either.


CLone Wars stuff is really hard to predict. A few things have really grown well and in general it has seemed to be the weirder ships that are very detailed and abnormal looking. This one doesn't really seem to fit into that category though it is a solid nice looking ship. I just really think it can easily get lost in all the other solid Star Wars ships out there.

However the Pre Vizsla minifigure does make a pretty big difference. It makes me think that this set is going to be a pretty average solid gainer - maybe a 10% CAGR. There isn't a lot of direct comparison, but Leog recently came out with a bunch of other madalorin sets which are all really good looking and I think that raises the ceiling for this set and makes the Vizsla minifigure even more desirable. If he is selling for $30 now, I doubt its going down when the set retires.

Another plus is the fact that this set is not really on the investor shortlist at all. And really if you look through the forums, no one has really brought this set up nor has anyone really mentioned buying a bunch of them on clearance.

Furthermore, the set has kept its value well - obviously because of the minifigures and lack of major discounts. If oyu look on Ebay, there are a lot of these still selling for over 40 and the minifigures have not gone down in value really very much either.

So, to finish, I would say its worth it to have 2-3 of these in your inventory. Its not a straight up obvious winner, but should definitely see solid growth and is a great mid level investment for those who are smaller investors and like to diversify. If you don't want to keep the whole set, part it out and keep Vizsla. Using Ebay, you should be able to get about $25 back and assuming you got it at $40, Vizsla at a $15 mark is not a bad investment at all.


This isn't the biggest ship out there, but it takes up a good bit of space and really looks good. It is made up of colors that are not near as common in the Star Wars line up either which really helps a lot. Plus, as I talked about several times, the ship has a lot of different poses you can put it in which really makes it a nice display piece.

Plus, for those of us without endless pockets, its nice when you can get a $40 set that really looks like a $60-$70 set when displayed. Makes a big difference when you set it next to something like the midi Falcon or the Naboo fighter that you paid the same or more for.


FInal verdict - It is a very solid Star Wars ship which is a "good-to-have" for Star Wars fans, a "Great-to-have" for collectors and displayers, a "Must Have" for Cone wars and minifigure fans, and a "have a couple" for investors. 

Overall that makes it a pretty nice Star Wars ship and give us all good hope that if Lego is going to continue to pump out 40 Star Wars sets a year, they will do them like this with lots of playability, displayability, exceptional minifigures and everything at a decent price. If they do, we will continue to profit as well.