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10186-1: General Grievous

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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 9.00
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Reviewed on: Sep 2, 2013
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I love General Grievous - I think he was one of the collest characters in the early episodes because he bridged the gap between the clones/droids and the actual humans and jedis fighting eachother. The first fight scene he is in when he ends up using three lightsabers before having all the extra armsis incredible. Plus he has the Bane thing going on with the parts of his body protected by outshells, but not so much that you couldn't see inner organs.

Then the clone wars introduced the 4 arm Grievous that was even more impressive and this set embodies that. The fact that he has his own stand and nameplate makes this set really stand out. Plus you can model the arms and legs so that there are a bunch of different poses you can put him in.

Plus this set has a little different feel about it. It has a lot of technic pieces, but it still predominitely lego. On top of that, all the other Busts and characters that have been done in the UCS line have been just a face. The one that wasn't, Yoda, was not really a fighting character and also was not poseable. This makes this set completely unique from anything else that has been done in this line. Also, it is one of the most unique characters out of all the Star Wars series. 

The set looks really great for just $99 retail price tag as well.

And... it has 4 light sabers!!! That's just insane.


Without any minifigures, there are not a ton of parts in this set that are exclusive enough to really be worth a lot of money. Plus a lot of the exclusive pieces are not the only ones in the set - meaning because of the arms and legs there are several of each. Most of the rest of the pieces are standard technic pieces. The only pieces that are really that unique are the parts used on his torso, arms, and legs that are white.

Because the set is so cheap for the amount of pieces, it would be pretty valuable just for all the technic parts and the stand. The stand could be used with a lot of other different sets to model something. I love that it actually spins around as well.


Playability wise, because it is on a stand and is really a model, you don't get a whole lot of special experience from it. You can model and pose it in several different ways, so it does have a little bit of interaction to it.

As far as the build experience, it is really the toughest set I have ever built. The combination of technic and normal Lego pieces makes it pretty difficult to put together. You have to be very precise and nimble with your fingers. I recently built the Falcon 7965 and it was much easier to build. This set has a lot of parts that don't really fit all the way together until you go through 7 or 8 steps. I found myself having to rebuild parts several times. I assume that if I had built a technic set before, I might have been better at it. I really recommend grabbing this set if you want a really challenging build experience. However, for a small child, I would expect it to either take them a year, or you having to do it for them for the majority of the time.

The one really nice thing about the build is the stand and its spinning ability. It was almost like pottery because you can spin the set around and add on to it - building Grievous from the ground up. That did make it really cool as you finished putting together his torso.


Though there are no minifigures nor a whole lot of exclusive pieces to the set, the set is an awesome value for the amount of pieces and just how large it is in general. If you look at the other UCS sets since 2008 when this one was created, you don't see the same kind of value. This set's price per piece ratio is just $.08 a piece which is few and far between in any Star wars themed set, let alone a UCS set.

If you look at some of the sets since then, the 10240 X-wing and the 10227 B-wing both were $.05 more per piece weighing in at $.13 (probably why they are not selling well). The only one that really compares to the value is the 10225 R2-D2 set at $.08, but a lot of it's pieces are very repetitive as you build R2's shell. This set is much different than that because there are tons of different parts that make up his thin and robotic body with the mix of technic and Lego pieces.

As I said before too, this set has so many different pieces in it, it's not bad for a grab bag of pieces at $99 and if you got this at a discount it's even better.

Now the value of the set is around $150 and even there the price per piece is sitll pretty good at $.13 just matching some of those more expensive newer UCS sets. However, if you pick this set up used for around $80 youa re really getting an awesome deal on a bunch of cool (though not really unique) pieces. This would always be a welcome set in a giant lot of possibly complete sets as well because you could use it to complete so many other sets.


It's Star Wars so it's popular as can be. The one bad thing about this theme in recent years has been how many sets have come from it. With Lego building 40 sets a year, a lot of sets really get lost in the fray.

Luckily this is a set that is so unique to the line, and being a UCS set, that it shouldn't really matter. I would venture to say that Grievous would be known and notable enough to carry himself without the Star Wars theme bump.

I think that even seeing him without seeing Star Wars would still make him pretty desirable. He is just a really awesome looking figure.


This set is a UCS set and a Hard to Find item. It was in production for a normal amount of time so really wasn't too hard to find.  I give it an 8 not because it was really hard to find or exclusive, but it does really look that way being so different from everyother set and having the awesome face-plate and spinning stand. There may be millions and millions of them out there, but anyone coming in your place and seeing this will react as if it's the only one if they haven't seen it before.

PACKAGING | Score: 4

Honestly I think the box is just so-so on this one. 

If you look back at the older UCS sets, they really stand out much more than this one. I don't really like the red UCS boxes they ahve used moer recently as I just thought the black was way more impressive looking.

On top of that, this is suppossed to be a very scary and feared villan who is almost unstoppable. He killed tons of Jedi warriors by himself, weilds lightsabers with his feet, and now has 4 freakin arms! He needs to just jump off the box. 

Unfortunately that is just not the case. He almost looks timid on the box, sort of hunched over and weird looking. I think they could have shown him fighting or really showing off all his lightsabers and it would have made this set more desirable. I would love to be able to display an awesome looking box behind him as well.


I think it has been well established from plenty of other reviews and articles how well the UCS sets gain. What is very weird is that this set has not really followed that trend yet. It was retired late 2010 and took several years to really start moving. It now sits at a decently respectable CAGR of 10.5% at $150. So people that bought this set for around $80 dollars are just now getting to the point where it is really maturing.

However, there is something very important to note. It moved more than 50% up in the last year which is a huge jump from where it has been. What explains it? I am not tremedously sure, but Lego has really taken off in the last several years and I think there has been some increased stir in Star Wars because of the sale of the Lucas Arts Franchise. So what can we expect going forward?

Well, considering this set is still really a pretty good value for the price, I would say if you can grab it at $125 or so, It is still a really good value. Why?

Well for one, there have not been a ton of these on Ebay lately. The most that were sold in one month was 20 in the past year. This suggests that either a lot of investors are sitll holding them, or that they have mostly sold all their sets. I am gonna lean towards the latter since the set has been out for so long.  Because there are not a lot of these on Ebay month to month, the price will continue to go up as people list them for higher and more are sold and opened.

Secondly because of how popular Lego is getting and the new movies. Grievous is dead - so we assume he wont be in the new movies although he is a Cyborg of types and the Clones wars brought back Darth Maul on chopsticks. Eitherway, a whole new generation is going to introduced to Star Wars along with everyone getting introduced to Lego right now. These people will go back and watch the older movies and if they get into Lego, will start collecting sets. This wont help every set since there are about a billion retired Star Wars sets now, but I feel like as a UCS set this one will step out.

I predict another 30% or so gain over the next several years because of these factors and the sets still relatively cheap price. I have 2 unopened I got for $130 each and I am hoping this pays off and the set hits $300 in the next couple of years. Like I stated, its worth went up 50% last year and it is not often a set has a huge jump like that and just stalls.


What could you come up with against this set. Its an awesome unique character with a unique style and build and it's poseable. Its lightsaber to character ratio is off the chart at 4. What more could you want?

I have never understood the people that said this set was ugly. maybe you thought Grievous himself to be ugly, but let's be real: How many Star Wars characters were really than attractive besides han solo and princess Leah. The rest of them were a bunch of mutated frog people, lifeless robots, overgrown teddybears, and fish people. I feel like Grievous is on the better half of all those freaks.


I give this set a 9 overall because of the awesome build experience, the incredible displayability, and all the different pieces bridging different types of themes. I think the set is so unique and it will be quite a while before something like this really comes along from Lego again. 

On top of all that, it is still a really good value for a UCS set and is still seemingly growing well with even better results on the horizon in my opinion. I wish I had been into investing when this came out, but maybe it is better since i would already been holding it for so long. This set looks like one of those late bloomers and if you get in now, you may just double your money.

Remember with the larger investor market, the more fans coming to Lego, and Lego solidifying itself as the most popular toy, long retired sets could become an even bigger business. Why? Because they aren't being produced in the new investor filled market. So more people get in and more people look to buy, these sets still have a limited number made. It is also probably not the most popular candidate for a redo either - so it could be an even safer bet than some fo the sets you are looking at right now.