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6208-1: B-wing Fighter

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 5.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 7.00
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 6.00
  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 6.00
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  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 6.00
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 8.00
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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 6.00
Review from: MartinP
Reviewed on: Feb 26, 2014
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The 6208 B-wing Fighter comes from the Star Wars theme under the Episode IV-VI subtheme. The set was released in 2006 with two minifigures and 435 pieces. This set does not wow me at all. The B-Wing Fighter is not very common in the Star Wars movies and there are very few scenes that have it. Due to this fact, I do not see this set as iconic and I never will. I would consider it iconic if it was shown in the movies more often. In my opinion, I do not think that this set is one that would be wanted. I first saw this set at a local garage sale with some other Star Wars sets next to them. When I was picking out the sets that I wanted to buy, I skipped  over the B-wing fighter because I did not like the set nor did I recognize it at the time. I only picked out the popular ones, but I eventually bought this one too.


Here is the description of the set from Lego.com

Build the Rebellion's heavy strike ship with this exciting set! Just like the classic Star Wars vessel, its wings can fold for flight or vertical landing. Challenge the forces of the Empire and use your launchers to save the day! Service tower doubles as a display stand for the fighter and can fold down for easy storage. Cockpit opens so you can put the B-wing pilot at the controls.

  • Includes Rebel pilot.
  • Fold the wings for landing or flight!
  • Missiles launch!
  • Service tower doubles as a display stand!


The B-wing Fighter comes with two minifigures and 435 pieces. Here are the two minifigures: Rebel B-wing Pilot and Ten Numb

Image from Brickset.com.

This Rebel B-wing Pilot only comes in this set making him exlclusive to this set. The pilot is wearing his red pilot suit with a helmet.

Image from Brickset.com.

Ten Numb is also exclusive to this set. He is wearing his pilot suit with life support system and his head has a breathing apparatus.

Since the set has two exclusive minifigures, the set may be more desirable to certain collectors who want these minifigures.

As for rare pieces in this set, there are two:

Medium Stone Gray Left Shell 3 X 12 with Bow with Angle: 

Medium Stone Gray Right Shell 3 X 12 with Bow with Angle: 

This set does come with two exclusive minifigures, but there is not many rare or exclusive pieces in this set. That affects the desirability of the set. Even though there is a lack of rare pieces, the exclusive minifigures almost make up for it.


Build Experience

The B-wing Fighter comes with 435 pieces, which is not a lot compared to other sets lego has produced. Since the set has a little over 430 pieces, it took me about one hour to build the set. There are two parts to the set; the actual B-wing and the service tower. While building the B-wing I got to see how certain mechanisms are built into the fighter such as the two missles that can be launched from the ship. While building the service tower I noticed that certain parts could be moved so that you can out the B-wing on the tower. Overall, it was a slighty above average build for me.

Here is an overview of all the pieces in the set:


Here are some more pictures when I was building the set:

Missile Launching Mechanism:

The Engine:

Engine with wings:

Complete B-wing Fighter:

Servie Tower:

Complete set:


The set has numerous features that you can play with. The two smaller wings on the B-wing are adjustable. You can also open the cockpit so that you can place one of the pilots in the fighter. The fighter also has two missles that can be fired from the fighter when you pull back of the engine of the ship. Another feature of the set is the service tower. The service tower has two ladders on each side, it can open up to allow the fighter to land, and it has numerous places to hold tools and missles. There is one aspect I do not like about the fighter. The connection between the wings and the rest of the fighter is not sturdy. This section can be taken off very easily, and it someimtes falls off.

Additional pictures:


The B-wing fighter has a retail price of $34.99. Now, I will compare this set to the other 6 sets from 2006 in the subtheme of Episode IV - VI.

Set MSRP Pieces Price Per Piece for Retail
6206 TIE Interceptor  $19.99  212  $0.09
6207 A-wing Fighter  $15.99  194  $0.08
6208 B-wing Fighter  $34.99  435  $0.08
6209 Slave I  $49.99  537  $0.09
6210 Jabba's Sail Barge  $74.99  781  $0.10
6211 Imperial Star Destroyer  $99.99  1,367  $0.07
6212 X-wing Fighter  $49.99  437  $0.11

According to the chart, the B-wing Fighter has a PPP ratio of eight cents. That is the second best ratio when this set is compared to other sets. My standard for PPP ratio is ten cents per piece or below and this set fits into that category. That being said, I would not say that this set is a great bargin, but that it is a resonably priced set.  In the set there is a wide variety of pieces, so the PPP ratio might not be accurate. To have a more accurate information, we will also look at the Price Per Gram ratio, which factors in the weight of all the pieces in the set.

Set Price Per Gram for Retail
6206 TIE Interceptor $0.044
6207 A-wing Fighter $0.044
6208 B-wing Fighter $0.045
6209 Slave I $0.049
6210 Jabba's Sail Barge $0.052
6211 Imperial Star Destroyer $0.041
6212 X-wing Fighter $0.065

 According to the chart, this set has a PPG ratio of $0.045 cents per gram. That is forth if you compare this set to the other sets. For the most part, these sets have similar rankings when you compare their PPP and PPG ratios. Now, taking both the PPP and PPG ratios into account, I would say that the value for the set is average. The set has a good PPP ratio, but the PPG ratio is not as strong.

Another factor that is included is parting a set out to make money. I will use values from Bricklink.com to determine if this set is worth it to part out.

Item Value
Sticker Sheet $11.87
Minifigures $23.16
Rare Pieces $3.24
Other Pieces $46.39
Total $84.66


Since the set has two exclusive minifigures, they are valued more than any regular minifigures found in multiple sets. The sticker sheet is also worth a lot of money in this set.  Currently, the B-wing Fighter has a value of $113.93. The part out value of the set is lower than the new value of the set by 26% or $29.27. That being said, it would not be a good idea to part the set out at the time being, instead, I would sell it in new condition.

Overall, the set has it's pros and cons for its value for money. The set has a strong PPP ratio, a lacking PPG ratio and a so-so part out value. After all those conditions, I would rate the value for money of this set as average.


The B-wing Fighter comes from the Star Wars theme. The Star Wars theme has been popular since its debut in 1999 when Lego introduced that first Star Wars sets. Fifteen years later, Lego has produced over 400 Star Wars sets many of which are from featured in Star Wars Episodes IV - VI.  That being said, almost all the Star Wars sets sell very well in the primary market except for a few sets. Even after a set has been retired, many Star Wars fans want the set and the value of a set usually goes up. Usually, Lego sets are intended for children, but many Star Wars fans who are adults, have bought these sets and are contributing to the increase in value of these sets after they are retired.


The B-wing Fighter is not an exclusive set. The set was widely available when it was produced. You could find this set in a variety of stores like Toys R Us and various other stores.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

The front of the box shows the B-wing Fighter in battle with the Death Star in the background. Also, there is two smaller pictures on the front of the box showing the ability for two wings to be adjusted, and a picture of the B-wing on the service tower. The back of the box shows the other features of the set like the missles, and the alternate builds for this set. Overall, nothing special about the box for this particular set.

Image from Bricklink.


The B-wing Fighter has a CAGR of 15.9%, which is good compared to the CAGR of the entire Star Wars theme which is 9.18%. Let us look at the CAGR of the B-wing Fighter compared to the sets that were released with this set:

 According to the above chart, the B-wing has the second best CAGR only being beat by Jabba's Sail Barge. Time is a very crucial factor when determining the CAGR of a set, which is why I decided to compare the set to sets released at the same time. Since the set has been out for eight years now, I do not see much growth left in the set. That being said, I think the CAGR of the set may drop due to the time factor. Now, let us focus more on the past growth of the set.

According to the chart above, the set has had some ups and downs for the past two years. One month the set is valued at over $110, and six months later the value plumets over $30. This set's growth is unstable when you look at the the growth in terms of years, but when you look at the growth over months, you can see the value slowly dropping and the rising again. Now, we will focus on the growth of the set over the past year:

Unlike the other chart, this one shows the value of the set from February 2013 to January 2014. It also shows that the set has slowly decreased in value for about six months and it's low for the year in August 2013 at $77.40. Ever since then, the value of the set has gone up almost back to where the set originally started in February 2013.  If this set would decrease in value again, I would expect it to start soon, because the value it approaching the high value where it started twelve months ago and the decrease in value could be prolonged due to the new B-wing being released this summer. To finish this section off, I will analyze one last chart of the number of sets sold in the past year.

Over the last year, over 70 sets have been sold averaging about six sets per month. According to the chart, 16 sets were sold in December due to something called the December effect. The December effect is when more sets sell in December due to Christmas buyers. Since there is a new B-wing fighter set coming out this summer, I can expect the number of sets sold will increase a little due to sellers trying to profit of these sets before the new set is officially released.

Overall, this set had a great growth potential. Most of the growth for the set has already happened, but there is a little growth left. The set has a good CAGR, but the value of the set is unstable at times and it can start to decrease at an given time, which could be very soon.


One of the many reasons I like the B-wing Fighter is because of the ability to display it using the service tower included in the set. The service tower sort of acts like a stand for the B-wing when you are displaying the set. If you were to display it this way, you would need some room due to the height of the B-wing, but it would still make a good display.


Let us look at the pros and cons for this set:


  • Two exclusive minifigures and pieces
  • From the Star Wars theme
  • Good PPP ratio


  • Not very iconic
  • Not much growth left
  • Acutal fighter is flimsy.

Overall, this set is an average set that Lego has produced.