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41999-1: 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 9.00
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 9.00
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 8.00
  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 8.00
  • Theme Popularity Will theme help with resale? 7.00
  • Exclusivity Unique production aspects? 9.00
  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 10
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 10
  • Display Attributes Does this set stand out? 8.00
  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 9.00
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Reviewed on: Aug 30, 2013
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This set gave off a great first impression to me and to many others with the way it looked and the exclusiveness of the set. It basically had the same chassis as the Technic Crawler 9398, but this new one had a different body and some new features. This exclusive Crawler was made from the winning design of the Lego Technic "You Design It We Make It" competition where fans submitted their ideas for a new Technic set and one winner had their set made so it could go on sale to the public. 

The pictures of this set before it was released showed an excellent dark blue with white stripes for the body which looked great compared to the somewhat ugly looking design on the other crawler. There were some cool little upgrades that weren't on the 9398 Crawler such as the headlights and the motorized winch. Also, they advertised that the 41999 Crawler would be the same price as the 9398 Crawler which was a bonus. The best part that was advertised was that only 20,000 of the 41999 Crawlers would be made which is great as an investor since there is a limited supply, and as a builder because you get to show off your exclusive set to everyone.

Overall, this set left a great first impression on many because it looked great, and it was going to be very exclusive.


There are a few unique parts that are worth noting. Most are the nice dark blue Technic pieces and the shiny chrome elements.



These 3x5 panels are only found in this colour on this set. You get 3 for the right side and 3 for the left.



These 3x11 panels are only found in this colour on this set. Just like the pieces above there are 3 for the right side and 3 for the left side.


This shock absorber with the large spring is only found in this set and the 8110 Unimog from 2011. You get 4 of these.


This chrome tube is only found in this set and the 10220 Camper Van from 2011. You get 10 of these pieces


This chrome tooth piece is only found in this set. You get 2 of these.


This chrome Technic beam is only found in this set. You get 4 of these.


This chrome Technic angular beam is only found in this set. You get 6 of these.


This wheel with the white rim is only found in this set. You get 4 of these.


This 1x5x11 dark blue panel is only found in this Technic set. You get 6 of them.

11954 (1).png

This 11x3 curved Technic panel is only found in this set. You get 3 of them.

lego-dark-blue-technic-axle-and-pin-connector-perpendicular-3l-with-2-pin-holes-42003-2 (1).png

This axle and pin connector with 2 holes in dark blues is only found in this set. You get 14 of them.


This 2x4 plate has a unique number between 1-20,00 printed on it in a silver colour. The number represents what number set you got out of the 20,000 that were made.

Overall there are several unique pieces that are found in few sets or are only available in this set such as, the wheels with the white rims and the numbered license plates. These Technic parts in the dark blue will be wanted by some builders so that they can make some great models.


Technic builds have usually been the more advanced builds of Lego which is a good challenge for the older fans of Lego and for kids that need more advanced things to build. 

I was able to build this in about 6 hours so I think this should take someone 5-10 hours to build which should keep you occupied for a while. The chassis is pretty much the same build on both halves, but it doesn't seem repetitive since there are so many little things that you have to focus on that you don't really notice that both sides are a similar build. With Technic you have to make sure that you pay close attention to the instructions because if you miss the placement of a peg then later on something might not fit right and you'll have to go back and see what went wrong. So it's ok to go slow and make sure you have everything in place before moving on.

Build Process


At the end of the first book the basics of the chassis is made and a couple of motors are put in.

091.JPG 095.JPG

At the end of the second book the chassis has been built up and the battery box and the receiver are put in. You also build the winch system for the front of the set.

cache.lego.com bigdownloads buildinginstructions 6064368.pdf.png

At the end of the third book we start to use the dark blue pieces when building the lower part of the body.


At the end of the fourth book we have built the rest of the body and now have a complete model. It's a beauty of a set.



As seen above the doors can open which allows the top of the set to open giving access to the battery box and other parts of the chassis.


The string for the winch is fairly long, it's about 1.5x the length of the set, and it's thick so it will be hard to snap. The winch is motorized which is activated by the switch that's shown above by the red arrow.


There are 2 lights that come with this which shine through the two outer headlights as shown above. It seems odd because the two inner headlights can't light up, but that could just be me. The lights are pretty bright, I was actually surprised since this was my first time with lights from Lego, but they can light up the way in front of the vehicle while it's driving around in the dark.


When you open the left side door the battery box's power switch can be accessed so that it can be turned on and off easily.


The battery box can be taken out of the set so that the batteries can be put in or taken out. This is done by opening the doors then lifting up the upper part of the body. Then you push the little blue piece out so that the red flap can be moved out of the way so that you can have access to the box.  To take the box out you disconnect the wires that are connected to it then you take off the switch that's connected to the box. It's not the most simple procedure so I'd recommend putting the batteries in the box before putting the set together.

Testing suspension for left and right sides


Testing suspension for front and back


From the pictures above you can see that this set has some pretty good suspension so that it can go over some minor obstacles in it's path.

This set can also drive around with the remote control that comes with it. The motors aren't very powerful, and it doesn't go super fast but it's fun to drive around. To see this set drive around and go over some minor obstacles click the link below to see a video of the functions of this set by Masked Builder.


Overall, this set is fun and a challenging build. It has some great functions so that you can have fun driving it around. People will like all the cool little features that come with it, and they will really like the way it looks so this set will probably have the interest of people in the future. 


This set is priced at $199.99 US, and it has 1585 pieces which puts the price per piece at $0.12.618. This is close to the average price per piece of $0.11. Compare this to the 9398 Crawler, we get 1327 pieces for $199.99 US which puts the price per piece at $0.15.071. This price per piece difference is pretty noticeable especially when the 41999 Crawler has some more exclusive pieces so you would think that the 41999 Crawler would have a higher price per piece. So, compared to the other crawler the 41999 Crawler has a better value when looking at the price per piece. Also, this crawler has 2 more functions than the other (the winch and the headlights) which means that there are more ways for people to play with this set. 

For investors, this set is already being flipped for over $400 on eBay so that means that this set is selling for over double it's retail, and it will probably slowly grow once this set is officially retired. If this set can be bought at retail then you can make more then double your money once it's sold.

Overall, this set has a great value and you can make your money back and much more.


The Technic theme has usually been seen as not being the most profitable or the most popular theme, but that doesn't mean that you won't get profits off the sets in the theme. The Technic theme has a CAGR of 9.76% which is below the average CAGR of 10.49%. 

The bigger sets of Technic are usually the ones that give out bigger returns. Below is a picture of sets that are close to the size of 41999.

Price Guide for LEGO Technic.png

CAGR for the sets shown

  • Mobile Crane = 16.14%
  • Tow Truck = 23.47%
  • Crane Truck = 18.33%
  • 4x4 Crawler (not enough data yet)
  • Super Street Sensation = 6.84%
  • Silver Champion = 6.69%
  • Motorized Bulldozer = 27.90%

As you can see the bigger sets of Technic have more than doubled in value over the years. This shows that even though Technic isn't the most popular theme it still delivers some good returns.

Overall, Technic isn't the most popular theme of Lego but there is interest in the theme which delivers these profits.


This set is very exclusive since only 20,000 were made which means that once those sets are all sold then no more will be made. This is good for the value of this set because some Lego fans will have missed out on buying this set from a retail store which means that the only way to get the Crawler would be from the secondary market such as eBay. Because of this, the seller will list the Crawler at a higher price than retail because they know the buyer can't purchase the Crawler at any retail stores. Also, each Crawler is unique because it comes with it's own unique license plate which is numbered from 1 to 20,00 so no two Crawlers are the same. If you know what numbered license plate you have you could sell the set for a bit more if it's a desired number such as the first 100 or #20,000.

Overall, this set is very exclusive because there were only 20,000 made and each one comes with it's own unique license plate.

PACKAGING | Score: 10

This box is probably one of the best Lego boxes I have seen which is what you want when you buy something exclusive. It uses the Crawler's great looking dark blue and white stripes to really make it pop out on the shelves. Unlike most other Lego boxes that have a picture of the set on the front, this set just shows the Lego logo and the word Technic on the front with some of the set's info on the bottom.

Front of the box


The sides of the box show more information such as the power functions used in the set and the name of the set in different languages.


The back of the box shows the set with some of the functions and a couple of the exclusive pieces.


As you can see Lego puts the words limited edition on almost every side of the box so they are really advertising that this an exclusive for collectors.

This box doesn't open like most Lego boxes where you open the tabs at the side then pour the contents out from inside the box out. This box has a few little pieces of tape at the bottom that you cut off then you lift the front of the box off like a lid, and reveal everything in the box, packaged all nicely.


Inside the front lid there are signatures from the Technic design team. These are printed, not hand signed.


There are four instruction booklets that come with this set. They all display the finished crawler with the crawler's blue and white stripes as the background. The first booklet has 84 pages, the second 80, the third 75, and the fourth 67.


There are 12 bags in total for the pieces, 5 of the number 1 bags and 7 of the number 2 bags. There are nine separate bags that hold each of the power functions pieces which include the motors, lights, battery box, etc. The painted wheels are stuck inside the tires instead of bags to protect the hand painted design.


There are 26 stickers that come with this set which is a pretty large amount when you are looking at an exclusive, but they really add to the racing look of this set. Most of them are little ad signs like you would see on a race car.



You can tell that Lego made this box to be a collector's box because of the professional look on the front of the box with the Lego logo and the theme name instead of a picture of the set on the front. Also,the box has the words limited edition plastered all over it, and it has the signatures of the Technic designers on the inside.

Overall, this set has an excellent looking box with the professional look on the front and the signatures on the inside which really makes it one of the best Lego boxes ever. 


The crawler is already showing great growth potential because it's already selling for over double the retail price (as of August 30 2013) which is over $400. Once this set goes completely off the market then there will most likely be some more growth in the value of this set.

The two things that this set has going for it is that everything looks good, from the crawler to the box, and that this set is a limited edition which always adds value. The only thing that's questionable about this set is that it's not from a popular movie (such as Star Wars), and it's not a popular landmark (such as the Tower Bridge) so that can slightly affect the value because it won't be known to many people. This set will almost definitely pass the $500 mark, but I don't think it will reach the $1,000 in my opinion because it won't be known to many people outside of the Technic fans, collectors, and investors. Nevertheless this set will see some good growth and will almost definitely get you a good profit.

Overall, this set will see some good growth since it has already shown big growth on the secondary market and it will most likely get higher in value over the years.


Although this set is made to be a set with some cool functions to play with, it also looks good as a display piece. The dark blue with the white stripes is definitely an eye catcher and the chrome elements add to the look of the set. I wouldn't say this set is big, but it's a pretty good sized set so you could put it up on a shelf or on a desk to show off. Also, you could point out to your friends and family that this an exclusive set and only 20,000 were made so you were one of the lucky few to get it

You could also display the box of this set because it's such a good looking box which would also catch people's attention. It uses the same dark blue with white stripes as the set so it still shows that nice effect. Either way looks pretty good, and you could get into the topic of the exclusiveness of this set.

Overall, the box and the set both look good when displayed and you could tell people about the exclusivity of the set. 


I give this set a 9/10 because....


  • There are several unique parts which are dark blue or chrome
  • The build is pretty good for more advanced Lego builders
  • There are several functions to play with
  • The box for this set looks excellent
  • This set is an exclusive and there are only 20,000 made
  • This set is already going for over double the retail on the secondary market

Cons (these are minor and shouldn't affect the value too much)

  • Technic isn't the most popular theme but it still delivers good returns
  • This set isn't a popular landmark and isn't from a movie/show 

Overall, this set is a great set to own for an investment or to build. It is a good build and has some cool functions to play with from a builder's view, but it is exclusive and showing good growth from an investor's view. If you can get your hands on I recommend picking it up.