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21103-1: The DeLorean Time Machine

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Review from: Adz97
Reviewed on: Aug 4, 2013
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This set was first seen on the July Lego Store Calendar and when I saw this the first time I was impressed with this set, however most people disliked it from the first glance. This is a must have set for every Back to the Future fan. This is an impressive recreation of the DeLorean from the popular 1980s movie: Back to the Future. I think this will be an iconic and popular LEGO set, as it even makes a quick demand on the first day of release much like the Lego Minecraft Micro World #21102.


This set contains four unique printed pieces: Time settings Display is a Medium Stone Grey Flat Tile 1X2. In this model, the “Target Date” is “01.28.1958”, the date that the first Lego brick was patented (which is a neat touch for Lego fans) and 10.26 1985 as the Present Time. It doesn’t have Last Time Departed as the numbers will be very small and hard to read but does capture the main reason for the Time Settings Display in the DeLorean. 2015 Licence Plate is a Bright Orange Flat Tile 1X2. Is the licence plate that is featured in Back to the Future, Part II. 1985 Licence Plate is a White Flat Tile 1x2. Is the licence plate that is featured in Back to the Future, Part I Flux Capacitor is a Medium Stone Grey Wallelement 1X2X2, it is the core component of the DeLorean Time Machine that is what makes time travel happen. It has spelling error, Shield is spelled “Sheild” which is the main negative with the set and hopefully Lego corrects this error. The front should have a new “Roof Tile 1X2X2/3, Abs” and had DMC printed on it as well.

This set contains two exclusive minifigures Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Doc Brown is wearing his lab coat with white trousers and has 3 exclusive pieces. Marty McFly is wearing is gilet and blue trousers and he has 2 exclusive pieces with one very rare pair of Medium Blue trousers. Marty McFly has a purple skateboard and could have come with a “Hover Board” as well.


This set is not really made to play as it only has two gull-wing doors just like the real car, it has space for one minifigure which is a shame however it looks like the minifigures were a final addition to the set and foldable wheels as featured in Back to the Future, Part II as extra transparent bricks to give it the flying effect. This set has a bonus feature that you can customise the DeLorean to suit one from the three movies but not a huge difference as it comes with two licence plates, Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor, Four red wheels (not including the tyres) and a rack of vacuum tubes and other components on the hood for the Back to the Future, Part III Delorean.

This set contains 5 five unnumbered bags with three plates. The instruction booklet is thick and is a high-quality book containing the building instructions, information on Lego Cuusoo and Back to the Future similar to the Lego Architecture series. As your building facts appear on some pages which is very neat. The build is simply starts staking plates on top of each other and a few technic elements for the rotating wheels. The build follows with a colour coded base of the DeLorean:  Red for the front and blue for the front as the early stages are symmetrical. It’s an enjoyable build with very small pieces used for details. The doors did not fall off for me as I was placing the on to the DeLorean, for some others the doors fell off. The DeLorean has a variety of different building techniques is any very enjoyable build for the size of the set.


This retails for £34.99 in the UK and contains 401 pieces. Is a fairly small build for a £34.99 set because it uses small pieces to capture details on the DeLorean. Back to the Future fans will really appreciate this model, however people who are not familiar may not be drawn to this set other than it is a unique type of vehicle from Lego and delivers a different build experience.


Lego Cuusoo products are mixture of different models chosen by the fans. This set is based on the “Back to the Future” trilogy which is very popular in the 1980s and adults will be drawn to this set as a collector’s item.


This set is available at Lego Stores and http://shop.lego.com/ and other selected retailers. It is also stated on the Lego Cuusoo website, that these sets are limited to 10,000; however the Lego Minecraft Micro World (21102) was so popular Lego made more quantities.

PACKAGING | Score: 10

The packaging is worth keeping as is very similar to the Lego Architecture boxes, using the high-quality box with an opening lid to keep your contents safe after building the model. 


This will do very well as an investment potential in 2015 as it is the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future trilogy. Lego Cuusoo sets do very well as investments as they are limited and unique for a short period of time, much like the Lego Minecraft Micro World #21102.


Yes, this It is a great collector’s item and display piece however people were hoping for a larger scale of the DeLorean from Lego but we should appreciate what we have. The windshield and hood of the “DeLorean” is not really accurate but is suitable for the scale of this vehicle as Lego normally uses windshield pieces which would not be suitable for this set. This does look like a “DeLorean” but not as much at the front.


Overall this set it is a must have set for every Back to the Future fan. If you’re a Lego collector of cars this will also be a unique and it will stand out from other Lego cars of this scale. This set has four unique printed pieces and two excusive minifigures: Doc Brown and Marty McFly. It could have had a “Hover Board” and the Flux Capacitor doesn’t please many people when “Shield” is spelt wrong. Is it worth the money: for “Back to the Future” fans is a must buy. This set is limited so get you hands on it when you can.