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76001-1: The Bat vs. Bane: Tumbler Chase

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Review from: kishidan69
Reviewed on: Aug 2, 2013
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OK, time to do my first review, hope this will be of help to others. First impression - was very excited when I first saw this set for release, being a fan of Batman and the Dark Knight trilogy. Also a huge fan of the Tumbler, unfortunately missed out on set 7888 as it was released during my dark ages. This set has a camouflage Tumbler (though a much smaller and less impressive one than 7888), the Bat and 3 Dark Knight version minifigs - Batman, Bane and Commissioner Gordon, plus a few other bits and pieces like roadblocks - thought that it will be a very good set for playability, especially if you have watched and enjoyed the movie. Investment wise - I was definitely biased and initially thought it will do well after EOL, with images of the unattainable 7888 floating around in my head.


Now I'm not a serious Lego connoisseur, so my knowledge of rare and unique minifigures and paths is severely limited (compared to some of you experts out there) - but I'll speculate that some of the tan elements of the camouflage tumbler, and some of the poseable weapon 'arm' parts of the Bat are not common. Minifigures - pretty sure Commissioner Gordon and Dark Knight version Bane are exclusive to this set, as I think this is the only Dark Knight Rises set that has been released. Assuming that the Dark Knight trilogy is finished and done with, it is possible that there won't be any other Dark Knight sets released in future. It is a pity that this Batman does not come with Bat accessories, like 7888. Gordon does have a pistol. Also comes with a little comic, as do most other mid or large size Superhero sets.


Coming from an extremely biased Batman and Dark Knight fan, I must confess that it was a pleasure for me (and my daughter!) to build this set, and to play with it. As it comes with both a Tumbler and a Bat (which I was very impressed with when I watched the movie), plus 3 significant-to-the-movie minifigures, it is perfect for re-enacting scenes from the movie, especially the final action scenes when everyone's scrambling around for the bomb. The kids and I have enjoyed hours of fun playing with this set while the movie plays on our TV. The Bat has enough poseable and movable parts like the weapon arms and fins to make play interesting, and a suspension cable for Gordon to hang off from. It also seats 2 minifigures - though it takes a bit of skill to get a caped Batman to sit properly in the front seat. Tumbler has an openable cockpit which seats 1 minifig and a few poseable flaps. Scale-wise, it is more appropriate to the minifigures and the Bat in relation to the movie, as compared to the black 7888 version, which is huge and seats 2 (though 7888 is definitely more impressive, has more weapon features and looks way more badass). My only complaint with this Tumbler - the minifigure seat space is somewhat limited - the canopy closes fine with a bald hairless Bane, but chuck in a Batman or Gordon with hairpiece or Batman headpiece, it does not close well. You have to almost lie them down in the cockpit to close it properly. Both the Tumble and the Bat have a pair of standard flick missiles.


This set retails at RRP $69.99 AUD in Australia, though you can sometimes get it cheaper at K-mart or during 20% off sales from the big retailers. Being not involved in parting out sets for sale, I can only comment on the value as a consumer. At $69.99, I think it is slightly expensive - a $59.90 price may have been fairer if one is willing to pay regular retail, as the vehicles are not huge, the Tumbler is much less detailed than it's predecessor which retailed at $79.99, and you only get 3 minifigures with very minimal minifigure accessories.


For Batman and Dark Knight fans, I think this will be and is a popular set, given that it's the only Dark Knight Rises related set to be released, with at least 2 exclusive movie minifigures. For those who missed out on the 7888 Tumbler, this set with its smaller camouflage Tumbler might also be a consolation (as it is for me). For parents buying for their kiddies or the kiddies themselves, I think it will also be popular given its excellent playability.


In taking a more critical approach, I rate this set a lowest of the low 1 for exclusivity. It is available from Lego, from all major retailers and independent resellers (sometimes at significant price markdowns), and is abundantly featured on eBay. If the world was a huge cavern of Lego sets, I daresay you could close your eyes and walk into one or multiples of these at any time.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

Packaging is rather standard Lego - nothing to shout about. It has a Dark Knight Rises logo on the front of the box, but that's about as special as it gets.


Again, taking a critical approach, and commenting as more of an investor-wannabe still learning the ropes. Initially, my head-in-the-clouds voice in my head thought this set would be a sure winner in the secondary market. Only Dark Knight Rises set, end of the trilogy, exclusive minifigures, exclusive (and rather cool-looking) vehicles, good playability, the current sky high market value of the 7888 Tumbler set - all these thoughts compelled me to get a few at a small discount to RRP. Currently as I am reviewing this set, primary and secondary market supply of this set seems to be very abundant, which I think could significantly damage the growth potential of this set in future. As such, I'm guessing that growth figures will be very minimal in the coming years. And honestly - I think this dumbed down baby Tumbler will never get to the lofty heights of grand daddy 7888 Tumbler (I must admit I had this false aspiration when I first bought them). But - who knows what may happen after EOL - definitely happy to be proven wrong if it will do well.


I rate this set highly as a display set, especially for Batman fans. Both the Tumbler and Bat sit pretty well on any flat surface, and complement each other well. Together with the minifigures, they should be instantly recognizable to fans of the movie. The Bat is a particularly impressive looking and faithful Lego recreation of the movie original - distinctly Lego but essentially looking as cool as the movie one.


I personally rate this an 8 - a high rating, mostly contributed by its theme, excellent playability and good display qualities. My kids loving playing with it, 2 vehicles are enough for them both to have a vehicle in hand and enact movie scenes, and both vehicles look impressive. As an investment set - I guess I now have my reservations due to the abundant supply - unless if you can get it at a really low price.