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71001-3: Roman Commander

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 9.00
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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 9.00
Review from: comicblast
Reviewed on: Jul 21, 2013
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Prior to Series 9, I had never set eyes on a single Collectable Minifigure package in person. Eventually, I made a much needed visit to the LEGO store, and bought a few Series 9 figures, noteably the Chicken Suit Guy. A few weeks later, I made a second trip to the store and started on Series 10, which everyone knows is the series that includes Mr. Gold. 

I wasn't out so much to get Mr. Gold, as I was to get some other minfigures, like the Grandpa, and Roman Commander. As I had picked up CMS collecting at Series 9, I couldn't get the Roman Soldier from Series 6, so I decided to settle for the Roman Commander. Let's just say that I was not at all disappointed!!

UNIQUE PARTS | Score: 10

The closest minifigure to the Roman Commander is its counterpart, the 8827-10 Roman Soldier. The similarities are much more obvious than comparing other minifigures to the Commander, but still when comparing the Soldier and Commander, there aren't very many similarities. 

Similarities Between Roman Commander and Roman Soldier:

  • Helmet
  • Leg pieces both have a line at the bottom of their feet
  • Both have printing of some sort denoting armor

Differences Between Roman Commander and Roman Soldier:

  • Sword vs. Spear
  • No shield vs. shield
  • Plume of "hair" on top of helmet, vs. no plume
  • Armor printed vs. Armor can actually be removed
  • Cape vs. No cape

Though the similarities and differences are negligible, both could be seen as Roman Soldiers, but I think that the Roman Soldier cannot be used as a Commander because using a shield represents that the bearer is a footsoldier. For commanders, on the other hand, swords are primarily used for show of authority and skill.

I will point out, however, that the sword of the Roman Commander is flexible, rather than being hard plastic, but it does maintain its shape.


This is a great minifigure for playing with, but the longest part of building the soldier is getting the package open, which might give you an idea of how difficult it is. I've always been a fan of armies, and their syncronization and overall uniformity, which is why I like this set for building, and I could spend hours rearranging them into different battle formations, my favorite being a "V" formation. :D


The cost of CM's are pretty expensive, a lot of times coming out to be $0.50 per piece, but I wouldn't worry too much over this because there isn't really compettition within the LEGO world to these, so you can either get the set or not.


The CMS theme is one of LEGO's most popular homegrown themes, and has been growing because of the search for the elusive "Mr. Gold" minifigure. Though popular, I have found that many stores around me do not carry these as well as other LEGO products in favor of other building sets such as Mega Bloks and Lincoln Logs. I'm sure that this isn't the case for many of, but this is what I have found for my local stores.


This is not really exclusive, in that it is available fairly widely, but it is sometimes difficult to "feel" for him, which makes him more sought after, and overall more valuable. 

PACKAGING | Score: 7

The packaging on this set is a nice yellowish-golden color, which is fitting, as the Series 9 bags were silver. The bags are most likely golden because it is a possible host to "Mr. Gold". Besidse this, however, I don't see anything outstanding about it.

As usual, the bag does show the 9 most common minifigures in the series, including the Roman Commander. Many people [including myself] were surprised at the quantity per box of the Roman Commander because the Roman Soldier had been among the rarest in the series, while the Commander is more common.


I am very confident in the return of this particular minifigure because he is part of an "army builder", which means that you can you can have a lot of these guys. I think that his value will be similar to that of the Roman Soldier, or even higher, because of his role in the army, that is more important than that of a soldier. The Roman Soldier is worth $9.73 according to BrickLink.com, so I think that the Roman Commander will eventually reach $10 and higher.

One of the things with Collectable Minifigures is that you have to search for them, and since Series 10 is also home to Mr. Gold, more people are probably looking for Mr. Gold than the Commander. Once demand for Mr. Gold lessens, and Series 10 is retired, the Roman Commander will probably have been overlooked, and therefore in higher demand.


CM's are meant to be displayed, as they come with a decently sized baseplate that keeps them fairly stable, but at the same time, doesn't take up a huge amount of space. I think that the Roman Commander is a better display than the Roman Soldier because he has a cape, which adds a little more drama to the display, and he has the plume on his helmet, which makes him more recognizable and stands out, since it makes him slightly taller than other minifigures.


Like most of the CM's that I have reviewed thus far, I feel pretty good about it. I have already sold 3 of these minifigures in a lot for a total of $15.99, which means that it is about a $2 profit after fees, which I thought was pretty decent for a minfigure that has not retired yet. Upon retirement, however, we should eventually see this minifigure at $10+ a piece, if my estimates are correct.

There's still plenty of time to pick up this guy, because Series 10 could have the longest production run of all series because of Mr. Gold, and the hunt. My theory is that as long as there is a substantial amount of Mr. Gold's not found, The LEGO Group will continue to produce and sell Series 10 minifigures.