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10188-1: Death Star

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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 10
  • Unique Parts/Minifigures Unique parts? Increase resale? 8.00
  • Playability/Build Experience Is this a "FUN" set to build? 10
  • Value for money (NEW) "Bang for your buck"? 8.00
  • Theme Popularity Will theme help with resale? 9.00
  • Exclusivity Unique production aspects? 4.00
  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 8.00
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 8.00
  • Display Attributes Does this set stand out? 10
  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 8.00
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Reviewed on: Jul 23, 2013
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My first impression when I first saw this set was, "I'm getting this set no matter what I have to do." This was just a set that one had to have! It had everything a LEGO fan like me wanted. It was big, it had many features on it, and it was one of the most popular ships on Star Wars. The features looked really cool because they were details from the actual movie that they threw into the set to make it seem even more real. This was a must have set for me and probably for many others, it was like there was some kind of impulse to get this.

Overall, this set stood out because it was big, it had many features, and it was based on a popular ship from Star Wars.


I did not find any noticeable parts that had not been used before the set was released or have not been used after the release of the set. 

With this set, the parts aren't the main draw, it's the minifigures.

24 minifigures, which is the most found in a non-minifigure generic set ever. Below I will list the minifigures found in 1 set other than the Death Star and minifigures that are exclusive to the Death Star.


The only sets this mouse droid is in are,  the Imperial Star Destroyer and the Death Star. The mouse droid may only be a few bricks but it's counted as a minifigure.


Grand Moff Tarkin, the commander of the Death Star is only found in the Imperial Star Destroyer and the Death Star.


Han Solo disguised as a strormtrooper is only found in a collectable display from 2009 and the Death Star.


This 2007 version of Luke Skywalker is found in the UCS Millennium Falcon and the Death Star.


The stormtrooper version of Luke Skywalker is only found in a collectable display from 2009 and the Death Star.


The Death Star Protocol Droid is only found in the Death Star.


This version of Obi-Wan Kenobi is only found in the Death Star.


This version of Emperor Palpatine is only found in Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle and the Death Star.


The Imperial Trooper is only found in The Battle Of Endor and the Death Star.


The Interrogation Droid minifigure is only found in the Death Star.


The 2008 version of R2-Q5 is found in the Death Star and the 2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar


This Jedi Knight version of Luke Skywalker is found in the Death Star and in a collectable display from 2009.


 The white version of the Assassin Droid is only found in the Death Star.


The Trash Compactor Monster is only found in the Death Star.

Overall, there aren't any unique pieces that I could find but there are several special and unique minifigures in this set.


The build for this set is a long one. I built it for about 6 hours each day for about 3 days. This set is fun to build because of all the little features that you find out during the build. When you build the Death Star, it's divided into sections so that it seems like you are making really good progress on the build which makes you want to keep going until the build is done. Also everything you build onto the set has purpose since almost every brick in this set is visible which makes you want to get everything right and it keeps you building.

Overall, the build is a long one but it's a fun build for every age.

There are many features on this set which makes it fun to play with for young and for old LEGO fans. There is a feature on pretty much every room of the Death Star set.

I'll list a few below.


A heavily armed gun that can swivel about 70 degrees on the mount and it can be aimed up or down. It also has a big flick missile that can be fired.


The trash compactor, which has an opening door at the back. The compactor can operate by pushing the red button at the top of the picture to crush whatever is inside.


The famous Death Star superlaser can rotate about 40 degrees and can be aimed up and down by twisting the red and gray cylinder at the top of the picture.


The hangar bay contains a TIE Advanced starfighter which can be removed to fly around. There is also an elevator that R2 and C-3PO are on which goes down to the lower floor.


The rotating turbolaser turrets can rotate simultaneously with the gray piece that sticks out below the floor in the picture. They can be angled up and down separately by the black gear on the side of them.


In the middle of the Death Star is an elevator that goes from the top of the ship to the bottom.


Here is the hatch that can cover and uncover the hole that leads to the trash compactor below.

There are many, many other features with this set that I didn't show here, but you get the picture. There is A LOT  of features to play with.

Overall there are several features that people can play with to reenact the scenes from the actual movies or, they can make their own story.


The price for this set may seem high to many and some may think it's a rip-off. But, this is a really big set with many pieces so, the price has to be high. The price per piece is $0.11 which is right at the price per piece average for 2008 and, the set won't disappoint you. There are a few minifigures that are exclusive to this set or, they are not found in many sets and there are many large pieces which is why the price per piece is not lower then the average. If you see this set at a discount then I recommend that you pick it up because it is a big and awesome set to have.

For investors this set, in my opinion, will most likely grow in value over time. I wouldn't predict that it will reach the same value as the UCS Millennium Falcon but younger people will get older and see this and they WILL want it. You may catch a desperate fan of this set who will pay anything for it and you could get a good profit out of the sale.

Overall, this set may seem pricy at first but for the builder and the investor, this set is a win.



Many people have said that the Star Wars theme is the most popular theme that LEGO has. It's also backed by LEGO themselves in their quarterly statement from 2012 where it was said, "[LEGO's] sales leapt by a quarter in 2012, helped by the popularity of its Star Wars-themed toy sets." So, it is clear that there are many fans out there that are crazy for the Star Wars theme. The CAGR of Star Wars is 9.27% which is below the CAGR average of 11.36%. This may not seem to  be the best but, the CAGR includes the whole theme (from the big sets to the small sets). With the Star Wars theme it's usually the big sets that go above and beyond the expectations as seen in the picture below.

Price Guide for LEGO Star Wars.png

I will include the CAGR for the sets in the chart that are retired since that shows a better indication for the Death Star when it hits it's EOL.

UCS Millennium Falcon CAGR = 31.81%

Death Star (still on the market)

Death Star II CAGR = 17.54%

Super Star Destroyer (still on the market)

Imperial Star Destroyer CAGR = 12.59%

This shows that the bigger sets usually have the bigger value later on because people want them. The Death Star is one of the biggest sets ever produced by LEGO, so based on the past examples for big sets in the Star Wars theme the Death Star should do good in the secondary market.

Overall, the Star Wars theme is very popular and it only helps the Death Star to increase in value later on.


The Death Star has been out for several years and it will probably be available for several more months since LEGO hasn't made any hints about it's EOL. The set was released during the summer of 2008 and it is still available today (as of July 2013). This isn't the best scenario for a set because when a set has been out for a few years then more people have had a chance to pick one up. The one thing that keeps this set sort of exclusive is that it has a high price so people might be turned off to that set once they see the price.

Overall, this set has been out for a few years and there has been no indication, so far, about an EOL for this set.

PACKAGING | Score: 8

First off, the box for this set is huge and catches your attention right away. The box is like most other LEGO boxes which shows the piece count, characters, functions, etc.

Below are some pictures of the box.


Front of the box.


Back of the box.


Top of the box.


Bottom of the box.


Right side of the box.


Left side of the box.


Box size compared to a minifigure (bottom left, where yellow arrow is pointing)


When you open up the box you are greeted with 4 smaller white boxes each marked with a number from 1 to 4 (minifigure on the top right of box 2 for size comparison).


Also, inside the box  is a 262 page instruction book.


Front of the instruction book compared to a minifigure (bottom left).


Back of the instruction book.


Thickness of the instruction book compared to a minifigure.


Pages of the instruction book.

 Inside the 4 white boxes are bags of pieces and some loose pieces too big to fit in the bags. There's nothing really special about the bags, they're just like the numbered bags in most sets but there are a lot of them (over 40).

Overall, there is nothing really special about the packaging except the 4 white boxes and that everything is pretty big and that gets people's attention.


The Death Star will most likely grow in value over the years once it hits it's EOL since this set is a popular ship, from a popular LEGO theme, and it is an excellent set that people will want to buy. The Death Star probably won't reach the same value as the Millennium Falcon since it has been on the market for several years so the secondary market will be watered down with many people trying to sell Death Stars at the same time. But, if the set is kept for a few years after it's EOL then you may be able to get a higher profit for it since there will be less sets on the secondary market. Also, years after the set's EOL it will be harder and harder to get the set so the set will be on sale for more money and people will pay for it since they can't get it anywhere else.

Here's a little chart that I found on Brickpicker and I thought it was interesting. Over the past 2 years the value for a new Death Star has gone down while the value for a used Death Star has gone up. This could be because people don't want all the packaging that comes with new sets, new Death Stars have been put on the secondary market for less money just to get a quick sale, or people drive up the prices on auctions for a used set. These may be factors and they may not be factors, we can't be entirely sure what other people are looking for when they buy. This may or may not have an effect for used sets of the Death Star when it hits it's EOL but it should be noted and monitored.

LEGO 10188 1  Death Star.png

Overall, the value of this set will most likely increase significantly several years after the Death Star's EOL.


This set is a great display piece which will catch a person's eye when they walk in the room. It's large, which is always a good thing, and it's easily recognizable as the Death Star which will make people want to take a closer look at it and see all of the details on it. Also, since all of the rooms are visible that means that you can position the minifigures in different action poses from a scene in the movie or you can create your own scene. Making scenes will make the Death Star an even better display piece that people will like.

Overall, this set is a great display piece that can show scenes from the movie or you can make your own scenes to show off.


I give this set an 8 because....


-This set gives a great first impression and you just want to buy it right when you see it. 

-It has several minifigures that are not found in other sets or are not found in many other sets.

-It is an excellent build and there are many functions that will keep you busy with this set.

-The Star Wars theme is one of the most popular themes that LEGO has and big sets in this theme appreciate well in the secondary market because of this.

-It will most likely grow in value a few years after it hits it's EOL.

-It is a great display piece that people will like.


-Watered down secondary market because the set has been on the market for several years

-Packaging is just like any other LEGO set except for the 4 white boxes

Overall, the Death Star is a great set for someone to own and build, and it will make a great investment a few years after it's EOL.