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  • First Impression Does the set "WOW" you? 7.00
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  • Packaging Does this set stand out? 2.00
  • Growth Potential Possibility of revenue growth? 4.00
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  • Conclusion Your final analysis.. 7.00
Review from: Blackjack
Reviewed on: Jul 4, 2013
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The Boxer is a minifigure which I no longer own (something that happens a lot with my reviews) but it was a good set that I had for a long time. 

The Boxer is a fun minifigure which I traded for from a friend.  This is a good set which came from Series 5 of the Collectible Minifigure Series.  There are a number of unique pieces on this set which were only ever seen on one other set: the Team GB Brawny Boxer, but in a different color.  The set is too small to be a good play set on its own, because it is very small.  It is however, a good display set, because who doesn't love a boxer!?!  It is now worth $4, so it has seen a little bit of appreciation.  I do not expect it to be a worthwhile investment though, because of the time involved to process and hold the set until a good profit can be gleaned. 



All of the Boxer's elements are exclusive, which makes him a pretty cool minifigure.

  • Helmet:  The helmet is a very noticable piece which was very well executed by Lego.  It looks like a legitimate sparing helmet, and even has holes around the top.  This helmet was seen in only one other set, which is the Brawny Boxer from team GB.  It was blue in that set, leaving this the only red one.
  • Head:  The head is pretty cool, with a smiling expression showing the mouth-guard on one side, and a quivering mouth and black eyes on the other.
  • Torso:  This piece has abs printed on it, with a championship belt high up the waist.  I think that this is better than if they would have just given the Boxer regular abs.
  • Legs:  The Boxer's legs are also printed, yellow knees breaking up the otherwise entirely red legs.
  • Hands:  This is an unusual area to talk about, but it cannot go unexplored when picking apart the set.  The Boxer has very unique boxing glove piece in place of the standard Lego hand pieces.  These are very cool, and I was super excited when I first saw them.  Again, they are on the Team GB Brawny Boxer, but in blue instead of red.


I don't think that the Boxer - or any Collectible Minifigure for that matter - has great playability, just because they are so small.  The most playing I do with my Collectible Minifigures is to just hold them and contemplate the designs of the minifigures.  (I know that sounds very creepy but you know you all do it!)  The hands on the Boxer are fun to mess with, and the coolest part of the set.  I guess that you could get a fight between the Boxer and Brawny Boxer going, but I have never had the Brawny Boxer, so this was impossible for me.


The Boxer retailed for $2.99, which is an acceptable price in my opinion.  You get a really nice minifigure, and the only downside is that it is almost only good for display and nothing else. 


I always say that I like the theme, which is a little strange considering I only have about ten of the minifigures!  I did at one pint have thirty or forty, but I traded them off for Star Wars for the most part.  I love all of the cool designs seen throughout the ten series released so far, as they add lots of colorful charcters to the Lego world.  I do not howver, see these sets as valid individual investment choices, as they are so cheap to begin with that they aren't worth you while.


The Boxer was not an exclusive, but I doubt that so many people were buying these sets without the Mr. Gold hype.

PACKAGING | Score: 2

I hate with all of my heart the mystery packaging used for Collectible Minifigures.  It contributes not at all to the appeal of the set, and actually makes it a whole lot worse in my opinion.


Thankfully, the Boxer has appreciated $1 tiny dollar over retail, so at least it hasn't lost money...  I'm sure you'd agree that this is still depressing though and not worth an investors time.  Even in a best case scenario, what are you going to make in profits?  Maybe $5, and that is stretching it?  These things just retailed to cheaply to be taken seriously by me, and I would keep them on the display shelf, not in the investment closet.  Collecting a whole series may not be a bad idea, but this is an expensive ordeal, and money can be better spent elsewhere.


Since the Boxer is meant to be a collectible item and a display set, this is obviously where it performs best.  It has a very classic look to it, and all of the little details are equaly important.  The belt, hemet, faces, and especially gloves are all very cool pieces which the Boxer would be nothing without. 


The Boxer is a very solid Collectible minifigure from Series 5.  When I saw that my friend had it, I knew that I needed to trade for it!  The minifigure has all exclusive pieces, the best of which are the boxing gloves and sparing helmet.  The head has dual printing, which is perfect for display.  Although this is a great set for display purposes, it is limited as a play set for the obvious reason that it is so small.  I do not think that it will be a good investment set, even though it has appreciated a whopping one dollar... I really wouldn't waste my time with tiny little Collectible Minifigures, and would stick to the big sets that will yield a greater overall return.