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71001-13: Baseball Fielder

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Review from: eightbrick
Reviewed on: Jul 3, 2013
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The Baseball Fielder fills the sporting niche of the tenth series of Collectable Minifigures well and includes an exclusive glove hand. The minifigure, with a blue jersey, plays under the fictional "Stackers" team, and makes a great companion to the Baseball Batter released in series 3. Unfortunately, like many Collectable Minifigures, it suffers from widespread availability which may harm its aftermarket potential. Batter up!

 It should be noted that there is a lack of eBay data for Collectable Minifigures in general on Brickpicker, so for that reason charts are not included in this review.


All the elements making up the minifigure are exclusive to the set including the grey pants with a printed belt, grey and blue shirt, face with cheek lines, and the baseball cap, featuring the Stacker's "S" logo. But perhaps most interesting is that the left hand of the minifigure is a specially moulded catching glove (the precense of the glove on the right indicates that the outfielder is right-handed). The glove attaches to the arm like a normal hand, and is one of the most unique pieces from series 10, in my opinion.

With front and back torso detailing, the minifigure is up to today's standards. The plastic quality is somewhat questionable if you look closely, but for most it should not be a problem. Instantly identifiable as a baseball player, the minifigure is very convincing, and isn't hard to imagine him making a fancy diving catch.


Alone, the minifigure doesn't really offer any playability unless you have a really good imagination; especially since there are no accessories (other than the black plate included with every Collectable Minifigure). However, if matched up with more baseball players, and perhaps a little 1x1 white stud as a ball, the minifigure becomes part of a impressive game. The build experience is one of the shortest in the Collectable Minifigure theme.


With 5 pieces and a price tag of $2.99 USD, the set's price per piece value comes in at a horrendous 59.8c/piece, well above the accepted standard. However, much of the set's value is found in the precense of the unique elements, so a PPP ratio isn't the most useful gauge here. That said, the set isn't a huge value in that respect either, and piece/minifigure collectors will be left feeling cheated.


The Collectable Minifigure theme is quite popular in the retail market, but it is also one of the most produced lines, and readily available nearly everywhere. Series 10 minifigures are some of Lego's hottest sellers, pushed on by the potential precense of Mr. Gold in each package. Overall, the CMF theme offers a respectable title for the set's interests, and will help lure buyers.


The Collectable Minifigure series is one of the most heavily produced Lego lines, and the accessability has harmed the value of previous sets many times over. To make matters worse, the set lacks rarity within the series 10 subtheme; data found that there are 6 Fielders for every box of 60 minifigures; meaning you have a 10% chance of randomly choosing a Baseball Player, the same chance as finding a Sea Captain, Honeybee or Medusa, combined.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

The set is packaged in the tenth series of Minifigure's signature gold mystery polybag, which prevents direct identification of any minifigure. This type of packaging is durable and far from being eyesore, but a packet will have to be opened to 100% guarantee the precense of a Baseball Fielder.

What to feel for if you are looking for the Baseball Fielder

The only definite identifying trait of the fielder is the glove hand. Find it, and you've got the Baseball Player.


While the set appeals to the large fanbase of Baseball fans, as well as minifigure collectors, it suffers from widespread availablility and a high probability of finding one by chance (10%). Currently the set is selling for around $2.50 on eBay.com, with its precursor, the Baseball Player (batter) selling for about double that. While the performance of the batter suggests it will pick up in value in the coming months, the performance of the other series 10 minifigures (most of whom are bringing in above-average returns) leads to the conclusion that the batter is one of the more unpopular sets.

The Verdict

Based on the performance of the set thus far, and of the previous baseball player, I don't see this set being a very good investment anytime soon. As a quick flip, it will gain you no money (you may even lose money), and while the value of the set should pick up once it retires thanks to the exclusive glove, it won't be worth the effort. A surprise winner from left field? Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that way.


The minifigure is small and has some interesting details, but isn't nearly as good a display piece as some other collectable minifigures, and won't stand out in rows and rows of minifigures. Don't buy it as a display.


While the latest athlete of the minifigure series offers a unique and interesting glove, and opponent to the previous baseball minifigure, it just doesn't have what it takes to play in the big league, suffering from common availability and lack of popularity. Draft this sucker to the minors and stay away!