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71001-10: Sea Captain

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Review from: eightbrick
Reviewed on: Jul 8, 2013
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The weather-beaten Sea Captain is one of the more modern characters from the CMF series 10. Offering owners with a realistic (or at least stereotypical) depiction of a hardened boat captain, the personality of the character is spoken through his detailed appearance and accessories, including a seagull and binoculars. While the figure is convincing, it is vulnerable to being lost in a sea of other, more anticipated, collectable minifigures.

It should be noted that there is a lack of eBay data for Collectable Minifigures in general on Brickpicker, so for that reason charts are not included in this review.


Over half of the set's seven elements are exclusive, including the Captain's torso, head, hat, and the seagull. All collectable minifigures have somewhat exclusive/rare pieces, but I found the seagull an especially nice addition, as the Lego world has been lacking birds for a long time, with only parrots and owls filling that niche. The plastic quality is average for the collectable minifigure theme and will not affect the value positively or negatively.

The captain has plain white legs, but his torso, which features front, back and arm printing, makes up for that. The minifigure's hardened face with a grey beard is exactly the kind of personality that most people imagine Sea Captains as, and it works perfectly. His naval hat is perfect, and instantly recognizeable, even to us landlubbers. Black binoculars are also included.


Alone, the minifigure offers mediocre playability. While there is a lack of an obvious conflict, the inclusion of a second animate character (the seagull) goes a long way to forgive this. When coupled with other minifigures or a set, the Sea Captain adds a personality of leadership and grit to any play scene. The binoculars are a nice touch, but don't really inspire any play scenarios. The build is expectedly brief.


The set's price per piece value comes in at 42.71c/piece. Compared to "real" Lego sets, this is an atrocity, but keeping in mind the amount of exclusive and printed pieces included, the value is certainly above a "fail". In some situations, a price per piece (or even price per gram) value isn't an accurate gauge of value. This is one of those cases. Don't get me wrong though, the value of the set is by no definition spectacular, and if you were hoping to get bang for your buck, you will be left disappointed.


While the Collectable Minifigure theme is wildly popular in the retail market (where it has seen 10 series' thus far, with an eleventh on the way), TLG has met the popularity of the theme with massive production runs. Hundreds of packages of minifigures are available to many stores, including stores that normally don't carry Lego. In fact, the minifigures have lost their collectable status for many collectors because there are so many of them. Series 10 is probably the most popular series right now due to the possibility of finding Mr. Gold, who demands huge aftermarket prices, so that may help increase demand for the figure.


The series 10 of collectable minifigures is one of the most widespread available sets out there. That said, according to Eurobricks, only 2 Captains appear in every box of 60 Collectable Minifigures. This means you have a random chance of 3.33% of getting one. These low odds even out the accessability of the line as a whole.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

Along with all the other series 10 minifigures, the set is packaged in a gold mystery polybag. The packaging does not allow for direct identification of the Sea Captain, but it can be found through the feel method (see below). While a polybag usually symbolizes durability and easy shipping, to sell as a vertified minifigure you will have to open the package, at least partially.

What to feel for if you are looking for the Sea Captain

The Sea Captain is one of the harder minifigures to feel for. The seagull should be the main giveaway, but if you want to be sure, find his hat (the binoculars are hard to find, don't worry too much about them).


The Collectable Minifigure series is notorious for a wide range of returns, even among the same minifigure. Currently, the Sea Captain is selling for $3-$6 on eBay.com, so few sellers are losing money right now. However, that number could very likely drop before it makes a steady gain and levels out, as series 10 minifigures continue their availability. The Sea Captain recieved average anticipation, but its low chance of being found will help increase prices.

The Verdict

Despite being pretty rare and demanding above retail prices on eBay, I don't see this set becoming a worthwhile investment based on the performance of previous Collectable Minifigures, particularly the sailor from series 4, who is a similar minifigure on the grounds of source material and availability, and is sitting at a lacklustre ~$3.00 on eBay.com. I forsee the set hanging around its current range for awhile. As a quick flip investment, you won't lose money, but there are better options out there.


The Sea Captain is small, but has enough unique details (including arm printing - a rarity with Lego) and accessories to be a decent display minifigure. While he doesn't feature as many pieces as some minifigures, or is as large as Medusa, for example, his personality shows with his clothes, and it makes him practically a stock character.


While the Sea Captain provides us with an all-new animal and a detailed minifigure, its production run and the lack of hype surrounding it will make it an above average investment at best. Unless you like working with small sets, stay away mateys, this is a needlessly dangerous investment voyage!