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71001-2: Medusa

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Review from: eightbrick
Reviewed on: Jul 3, 2013
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Much to the delight of Greek Mythology fans, the merciless creature known as Medusa has finally been immortalized in plastic form. And, with the help of unique pieces and not one, but two killer faces (upon a double-sided head), the set's future looks to be better than the average collectable minifigure. Just don't look her in the eyes...

 It should be noted that there is a lack of eBay data for Collectable Minifigures in general on Brickpicker, so for that reason charts are not included in this review.


Four out of the five elements included in the set are exclusive, including the much anticipated, specially moulded, snake hairpiece. Similar versions of the snake bottom are included in two Ninjago sets, but they are not identical. Likely due to the large size of the snake bottom piece, no accessories are included. That said, the minifigure doesn't really need accessories as it is already fantastic.

The snake bottom slithers up to a hideous torso, where Medusa's love of snakes carries onto her clothing. Her head is double sided, one side with green eyes, the other with red (according to Greek legend she could turn people to stone with her gaze), but what is really stunning about her is her hair, made up of little snakes. The hairpiece is fantastic, but doesn't quite fit with the other pieces (it's a different material). The unique pieces will be one of the main drivers of value of the set.


Despite the lack of accessories, Medusa offers decent playability (pretending to get turned to stone by a minifigure, anyone?), which is increased with the inclusion of other sets. Several other CMF fit with the set's mythical theme, including the Spartan Warrior and Minotaur. A near-perfect recreation of a classic monster, the set offers solid playability. The build is short and forgetable, but that should be expected with collectable minifigures.


The set comes with five pieces for a price tag of $2.99 USD, earning it a terrifying 59.8c/piece ratio, almost six times the welcomed norm of 10c/piece. While some allowances should be maken given the set's small size, number of exclusive elements, and large snake piece, the value of the set is undeniably bad. Don't buy it hoping to get your value in the form of lots of plastic; if you do you will be left disappointed. Keep in mind that the whole CMF theme is plagued with bad PPP values, so the set's value shouldn't be affected too heavily in that respect.


The collectable minifigure theme is undoubtably popular; Lego has released over 160 minifigures with more coming, but Lego has combated the massive demand with massive supply. Other than the first series, nearly every minifigure has come through as pretty easy to come by. Being part of the tenth series may be the set's saving grace in the respect that the precense of Mr. Gold in series 10 has renewed mass interest in the theme.


As a part of the collectable minifigure series, the set has seen huge production runs and boxes of series 10 minifigures are quite common. However, as per Eurobricks data, only 2 Medusas are included in each box of 60 minifigures; meaning you have a tiny 3.33% chance of picking Medusa by chance. Even though it is one of the harder-to-find minifigures, it is far from being an exclusive. Plus, the large snake piece makes it one of the easiest minifigures to feel for.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

The set is packaged in the series 10 collectable minifigure polybag. The gold bag is opaque, but you can easily see a Medusa out of a pack due to the large snake piece. Polybag packaging is seller easy in that it offers  a durable, shippable, method of storage (compared to boxes), but sellers often have to open the packet to vertify the minifigure due to the mystery status of the series.

What to feel for if you are looking for Medusa

Medusa's large snake piece makes her one of the most recognizeable minifigures in series 10. Feel for her snake part first, then if you want extra confirmation, try to find her head, it should feel irregular.


Collectable Minifigures are interesting investments as they require little capital to invest in, and have had a wide range of performances. Medusa is one of the most anticipated minifigures of series 10, and is also one of the rarest, with only 2 packages in every box of 60 figures. While those two facts suggest a bright outcome, the set suffers from the widespread accessability of CMFs, and is not really a "collectable" in the sense that it is rare. The set has been selling for around $6 USD on eBay.com, but that number is likely to drop before it can rise again. Unless a Greek Mythology theme is released, making Medusa no longer exclusive, I don't see the popularity of it waning drastically.

The Verdict

While $6.00 sounds pretty good as it is double retail, there is a considerable amount of work involved to sell small items, and you will have to sell quite a few to make a decent reward. You won't lose money with this minifigure, but you won't gain huge amounts either. In the world of Lego investing, unless you like working with small capital investments, you can afford to be a bit more ambitious.


Collectable Minifigures are in general decent display pieces, offering detail but not size. Medusa is a particularly interesting example of a good display minifigure as she is unique and makes a terrifying monster. Thankfully, her head of snakes is big enough that it conceals her reverse face. The body piece and snake bottom don't necessarily fit together perfectly as the colours are different, but overall, the minifigure is wonderful, and will fit into (or stand out of) your ranks of collectable minifigures.


Lego's highly anticipated Medusa figure is a solid addition to any Brickfolio, but an even better one to a collection. While the set is one of the more rare minifigures and is backed by fans of Greek Mythology, I don't see the value getting high enough to make it a great investment anytime soon. However, it does have the power to earn investors a couple bucks, should they be courageous enough to enter her lair. She may not be seen as a mythical investment powerhouse, but Medusa is undoubtably a legendary minifigure.