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Review from: eightbrick
Reviewed on: Jul 3, 2013
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The strict librarian is probably among the least anticipated minifigures of the tenth collectable series, along with the motorbike mechanic. That said, the minifigure offers an interesting take on a generic role and provides Lego fans with exclusive accessories, and a welcome female minifigure. Regretably, the minifigure is unimpressive and lacks the "wow" factor found in larger sets. While it is the minifigure will likely never see soaring profits, it makes a great addition to any city or collectable minifigure collection.

 It should be noted that there is a lack of eBay data for Collectable Minifigures in general on Brickpicker, so for that reason charts are not included in this review.


All of the set's seven pieces save the  black display plate (included in every collectable minifigure) are exclusive. The printed coffee cup reading "Shhhhh" and book titled "Oranges and Peaches" are excellent add-ons that enhance the feeling of the librarian.

The minifigure is made up entirely of exclusive pieces, and if she looked a bit older, would be the perfect stereotypical librarian. Featuring a printed skirt, sweater and straightened brown hair, the minifigure appears very academically dressed, and somewhat reminiscent of the Big Bang Theory character Amy Farrah Fowler. The plastic quality is decent, and while she may not be the most popular minifigure of series 10, the librarian has been welcomed by many as a step towards filling the lack of generic female minifigures.


Whether it is used alone or combined with other sets, playability is nearly nonexistant here. The set offers an interesting personality, but doesn't cater as a toy to any specific group. Call it judging a book by its cover, but trust me, the librarian is one of the worst minifigures for playability in series 10, offering fans with atmospheric, yet relatively useless, accessories including the book and coffee cup.

As expected, the build is short, simple, and not noteworthy.


With 7 pieces and a price of $2.99 USD, the set's price per piece value comes in at a disappointing 42.71c/piece, over four times the accepted standard. This is about average for the CMF theme, which suffers from high PPP ratios due to small piece counts, printed pieces, and exclusive elements. Because of this, it is important to note that the set's value is largely found in the exclusive parts. If it were not part of the collectable minifigure theme, the value of the set would be considered lacklustre, or even terrible.


The Collectable Minifigure theme is hugely successful in the retail market; filling the previously empty void of cheap Lego impulse buys. Unfortunately, the theme's popularity is met, or in often cases surpassed, by the supply put out by Lego. The gold boxes of the tenth series of minifigures (an eleventh is on the way), are a common sight in retail stores. In fact, many argue that the massive production runs of the line strip the collectable status out of the theme. Because of the commonplace nature of the minifigures, the line has yet to enjoy consistent profits. Being in the tenth series may be a slight boost to the set as Mr. Gold has created renewed hype in the theme.


The Librarian is one of the harder to find series 10 minifigures. According to Eurobricks, for every sealed box of 60 minifigures, there are only 2 Librarians (meaning if you randomly chose a minifigure, there is a 3.33% chance it is the librarian). These low odds within a sealed box will help offset the otherwise widespread availability of the CMF series.

PACKAGING | Score: 6

The set is packaged in the gold mystery polybag unique to the series 10 minifigures. This packaging makes it difficult to tell which minifigure is being purchased (although through feeling it can be done), but is easy to ship being a small polybag and is resistant to shelf wear for the most part. While the packaging is interesting, it will have to be opened at least partially if it is being sold as a guaranteed minifigure.

What to feel for if you are looking for the Librarian

Find her hair first. It is somewhat similar to the trendsetter's hair so be sure to go for extra confirmation and make sure there is a coffee cup and book (should feel like a medium sized rectangle).


The collectable minifigure theme has yet to show series-wide growth, and the performance of previous minifigures has been largely disappointing, with many minifigures still selling below retail after their EOL. Currently, the set is selling for a respectable ~$5.00, but that number is expected to decrease as the series 10 continues its availability.

The Verdict

Bottom line, don't invest in the set unless you find it for below retail. While it offers unique pieces, the widespread availability and perfomance of past CMFs suggests nothing more than an above average future. As a quick flip, it will be profitable but a time-waster.


While the set is small, it does offer some interesting details that will reward people who come in for a closer look; including the book and detailing on the minifigure. The colors are a bit drab, but perhaps purposefully so (it's a librarian, of course the colors are boring!), and in fact the palette helps evoke a feeling of coziness that goes along with the library feel. Definitely not the best looking CMF out there, but by no means the worst either.


71001-1 Librarian offers a much welcomed female minifigure and is currently selling for above retail on eBay.com, but the performance of previous collectable minifigures suggests a rather quiet outlook for the set. Collectors will be pleased with the printing and accessories, but are unlikely to drive up the price enough to make it a worthwhile investment. Nothing amazing really ever happened at a library (unless you've seen Ghostbusters). Don't expect this set to change that.