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30241-1: Mandalorian Fighter

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Review from: eightbrick
Reviewed on: Jul 4, 2013
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30241 Mandalorian Fighter is the minature version of 9525 Pre Vizsla's Mandalorian Fighter, which was released in 2012. This 2013 polybag lacks minifigures, but has  a decent part selection and replicates the shape of the Clone Wars starfighter well. The color scheme is appealing and the ship's rotating cockpit feature is present, however in "vertical wing mode" the set is obviously one-sided. Despite a couple hitches, the set makes a stunning first impression, and were the starfighter more well known, the set would no doubt be extremely popular.

*Although no price or piece count is available on Brickpicker, I know for a fact that the set has 49 pieces and retailed for $3.99 USD*


At 49 pieces, the set is filled with several interesting pieces, including dark blue tiles and wing plates, white wing plates, and a two-way technic connector in light grey. The set doesn't really have any rare pieces (other than a dark blue 1x1 tile which appears in four other sets), and while many elements are useful, an above average score isn't be warranted here.


For a polybag, the build of the set is suprisingly fresh and interesting, albeit short. A bit of SNOT is used to give a thruster effect, but where the set really shines is in the use of the technic pieces that allow for the wings to rotate around the cockpit (or visa versa, depending on your point of view). The fact that this defining feature of the ship is captured using only a few pieces, is impressive and well deserving of a little NPU (Nice Part Usage) shout-out.

In terms of playability, while the set is still swooshable, it is pretty obvious they sacrificed stability for the cockpit feature, and the build can break under a little pressure. That said, the rotating cockpit is a fantastic feature; about as good as you are going to get in a non-minifigure polybag.


See the chart below for a comparison in value to similar SW polybags:

Set Name Year Released # of Pieces MSRP (US) Price Per Piece
30240 Z-95 Headhunter 2013 54 $3.99 7.38c/piece
30241 Mandalorian Fighter 2013 49 $3.99 8.14c/piece
30059 MTT 2012 52 $3.97 7.78c/piece
30054 AT-ST 2011 46 $3.99 8.67c/piece

Show by the chart, the value offered by the set in comparison to other SW polybags is quite mediocre, being the second worst in terms of value. It should also be noted that the set carries no value in the form of exclusive pieces. That said, 8.14c/piece is well below the "average" of 10c/piece, making it an above average value.


The Star Wars theme is an interesting case. While it was widey regarded as the best investment theme in the early days of Lego investing, it's current CAGR is a mediocre 9.27%, well below the average CAGR per theme of about 11%. That said, the theme has remained popular throughout the ages and was still one of Lego's best earners in 2012. The set is part of two subthemes within the Star Wars theme; the Clone Wars subtheme and the Mini Building Set subtheme.  The Clone Wars theme is a somewhat negative factor for the set (as the series is not as well known or appreciated), but being part of the minature line is a huge benefit as the subtheme has enjoyed solid performances, especially for recent sets.


In the United States, the set was available for a short amount of time in early 2013 at Walmart, and at some select Toys R Us stores throughout the North American continent. Being a promotional item that saw few sets produced is a huge benefit as it will create scarcity, but often promotional sets such as this are targeted by investors, and despite their rarity, can become saturated early on (the set saw an incredible 75 sales in May, but sold numbers have fluctated largely across the months). A lot of the set's aftermarket value will result from its exclusitivity.

PACKAGING | Score: 7

The set is packaged in a standard-thickness polybag decorated with the 2013 Yoda banner. As with most Star Wars sets, the packaging features beautiful, high calibre, graphics. Due to a superb background of stars and a planet, I would venture to say the set's packaging is even more inviting than that of its cousin, 30240. As always, a polybag means easy storage with little chance for damage, and simple shipping.


The chart below shows the performance of the set and similars:

Set Name Year Released # of Pieces MSRP (US) Current Price (US) CAGR
30240 Z-95 Headhunter 2013 54 $3.99 $5.38 34.83%
30241 Mandalorian Fighter 2013 49 $3.99 $6.16 54.38%
30059 MTT 2012 51 $3.97 $5.36 35.01%
30054 AT-ST 2011 46 $3.99 $6.47 27.34%
8031 V-19 Torrent 2008 66 $3.99 $9.94 20.03%

We can see several things from this chart. First, just because the set is from the Clone Wars doesn't mean it will perform badlt - the only set from the Original Trilogy is 30054, which also happens to be the second worst performer. Next, looking at the set's current CAGR we see that it is an incredible 54.38%.

The model features interesting functions for a mini-model, and an appealing color scheme. Whilst the set is pretty accurate to the Mandalorian Fighter that appears in the Clone Wars universe, the ship is rather unknown, and for that reason, the growth of the set may lack longevity. The performance of the polybag thus far has been spectacular, but a quick flip will only result in a ~50% profit. Look for the set's value to dip in the near future before it begins making consistent profits again.

The set's rise in value may be slow, but it is not unlikely. I predict that by the end of a five year holding period, the set will be worth at least double US retail. If you have a few extra dollars lying around, you may want to invest in the set, but otherwise, I would suggest you sink your investment dollars into a more sizeable venture that will result in more profit for about the same amount of work. Combined selling with multiple polybags or its counterpart, 30240 will sacrifice profits.


The model was made for display, and takes on that role convincingly. With a sleek body and subtley beautiful colour scheme, the only hitch in terms of display is that with the wings placed in vertical mode, one side will look unattractive and the set will be hard to balance. A great little model, but definitely not the best out there.


30241 is a great model immortalizing a rather unknown, but nonetheless sleek and appealing, ship from the Clone Wars series. While the set is likely to continue to see healthy gains, there is little chance of its value rising to the point of it being a worthwhile investment in terms of time spent selling each set. There is nothing to fear about the Mandalorian Fighter, but there isn't too much to welcome either.