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Harry potter 4842 Hogwarts Castle + display box


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Well I founded this set in a "display box" (not sure for the term...)




This pictures show the box I saw, it's not this one but looks the same.

This picture has been taken from an ebay "buy it know" but because the price is about 800 dollars I'm not sure if it's very serious.


So, if was searching for nice sets (and founded some ^^) in a toy shop, and saw this beauty.

The display box has some light but that's it, no music or sounds.

I wasn't able to see if it has been yellowed, this set was on top of shelves 3 meters high (10 feet).


The employee/seller said he isn't sure he can sell it, his boss wasn't here and he will recall me later.


What does such an item (really) worth ?


Do you know if bricks are glued ?



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Yes the bricks are glued. Prices for Lego displays are hard to pinpoint. They are basically worth what someone is willing to pay. If the shop owner plays by the rules, the display is supposed to back to LEGO since it is technically their property and they just give it to the stores for display and promotional purposes. As you can see from ebay, alot of store and shop owners do not send them back.

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Just get out the 'ld de-kraglelizer and it'll be good as new.

Would recommend picking it up if you're allowed to buy it, great display piece, and the price is pretty much whatever someone is willing to pay. It will take a VERY specialized buyer to take interest in this. Takes up a lot of space, unable to be used other than display, and aswell as just being more expensive than just buying the used set.

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Thank you for you advices guys. :)

Too bad it's glued, because to ship it's better to unmount it, if I want to resell it.


Yes, I wrote "if" because I wonder if I will keep it for me or not, that's why I asked for the price you think it worth.

Really, this set is so cute !


I think for under 200 euros it will be ok, if boss's employee want to get rid of it.

BTW there were other display sets I wasn't interested in: 2 ninjago (unknown one, and the other was the white dragon 9450) and the last was a lego racer. I was wondering for the 9450 but since the 4842 is still a challenge... I do not want to push my (eventual) luck by being to pushy.


I will stay you in touch, whatever the answer. ;)

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No. :(


The employee didn't called me (although he swore me he would).


I guess his boss told him "nope". The toy shop is 80km (130 miles) from my house, I don't want to go back there or bother with phone calls. I have other deals to do. :)

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Sorry to hear that, it would have been a great find! 200 euro sounds about right given that it is Harry Potter, the flagship set (a castle), and in an awesome looking display. I`d have bought it no question, and I`m certain there are several other members who would love to do the same. When you factor in gas to make another trip though, that`s going to play a part. Oh well, better luck next time for you! 

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