Build Your LEGO® Brickfolio

Creating a Brickpicker Brickfolio is the easiest and quickest way to find out how much your LEGO collection is worth. When you create a Brickfolio, you will learn a lot about all the sets your have acquired throughout the years. We aggregate and index millions of eBay listings to help you find out what the current value of your collection is. Only registered members of Brickpicker are able to build a Brickfolio and view this area, so sign up now! Already have an account? Login now and start adding those sets!

Snapshot Summary

Get a instant look at the performance of your Brickfolio. Watch your collection/investment climb or fall from month to month.

Import Collections

Easy to use web services allow you to quickly import your collection from popular sites like and!

Breakdown by Theme

What theme are your investing in the most? Brickpicker will give you a easy to understand view into what themes you spending the most money on.

Drill down Features

See what themes went up or down from month to month. Click the chart and you will be able to drill down to view the sets and see their month to month performance.

New or Used?

Do you like to buy your sets new or look for great deals on used sets? Track your purchases to see if you are save money on your collection.

Quick Facts about your LEGO Investment

Found out interesting facts about your LEGO collection. What is the biggest set? Smallest set? Most valuable set and theme!